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European Soccer Betting

European Soccer betting is very popular these days. From major Premier League matches to 3rd league matches in Sweden, sports gambling is available on, pretty much, any match that is played in Europe. There are betting shops in many countries, and with the Internet revolution, football gambling is huge and growing every year.

Sports Betting On European Soccer

European soccer betting is the biggest type of sports betting in Europe. It has been around for decades in the United Kingdom, and its popularity has boomed, as the Internet has made it simple for people to make wagers on soccer matches. Some of the bigger matches, such as ones in Champions League and Europa Cup take in a ton of money, as people try their luck and hope their pick comes out victorious on the pitch. Football gambling for European soccer fans can be very exciting, and there are so many games available, with all the soccer leagues throughout Europe, it is hard not to find a match to wager on. You can check out gambling sites below, and see for yourself how many matches there are gambling odds for.

Make Well-Informed Wagers

Sports betting is a type of gambling, but you can be more successful if you make well-informed wagers. There is a lot of printed material available, but nowadays there is so much European soccer betting information online that you can read up on to make a well informed bet. Football gambling professionals know this, and they spend a lot of their time reading up on football information to make the best bet. Even the most casual bettor should take advantage of all the information possible to make a smarter bet. Ladbrokes have their very own football stats centre and form lab to help you make better decisions.

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Find A Reputable Sports Betting Venue

There are many football gambling sites that allow European soccer betting. These gambling sites will have the latest odds, featured matches, many wagering options, and even information on the matches. When European football betting online, it is important that you make sure you use a reputable betting site. You can do a little research on the site to see if they are a reputable one. One way to find this out is to look at odds that are posted on other bookmakers, and if they are different and sound too good to be true, then the site is probably not a legitimate one. A few of the good ones in terms of football gambling are Betfair, Bet365, and Ladbrokes. European soccer betting can be a lot of fun, but you have to cover yourself and make sure you use a reputable bookmakers, as winning money and finding out they wont pay is no fun at all.

Wagering Types

European soccer betting can be fun and exciting and profitable. The reason for this is that there are so many different types of wagers that you can make on games. You can also mix and match games from different European leagues on a parlay to get better odds. Just a few of the types of wagers are 1st and 2nd half points, straight bets, buy points, features, moneylines, parlays, point spreads, straight bets, proposition (prop) bets, and teasers. Live in play betting is popular these days and allows you to make wagers on matches as they are happening. The odds will change as the match progresses, and you can get a good payout if you take the right pick in an in live play wager.

European Sports Betting Legal Issues

In most European Union member states, there are exceptions, football gambling online is legal. In the countries that it is illegal, it seems like the laws will change, as the EU is taking a pro-online gambling stance. This is good news when it comes to European soccer betting, as it will only grow in popularity, as more bookmakers will offer their services to the European betting community.