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Common Misconceptions about Slots

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There are lots of misconceptions surrounding the game of slots. These misconceptions may be due to the extreme popularity of slots machines. A slots machine is so easy to play. You just have to insert a coin and pull the lever and wait for the result. On virtual slots, you'll just choose your bet and click the spin button. You can easily win on it but you can also easily lose money from the slots. These factors contributed to the creation of several misconceptions that are associated with slots machines and the game itself.

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The most popular urban misconception about the slots is these machines work in a cycle. It means the slots machine will go through thousands or even hundreds of thousands of spins. After reaching its maximum limit, its results will be repeated and the cycle continues. The misconception implies that the results generated by the slots can be accurately predicted.

This misconception is utterly false. Slots machines operate based on a random number generator. So every spin will generate a random result. No one can predict the outcome of every spin because the machine spits out a totally random combination. So whether a slots machine spins a thousand or a hundred thousand revolution, its results would be totally independent from previous outcomes.

Slots machine urban misconception number 2 specifically targets jackpot hits. It says that whenever a jackpot spin came out, the slots machine is programmed to clam up and will refuse to give big wins or another jackpot.

Again, this misconception wants to make the slots machines predictable. Predicting jackpot hits of a slots machine is impossible because of the randomness of every spin. It is true however that some slots machine is designed to generate a certain percentage of payout. For example, some Vegas slots offer up to 90% payout for its players. The payout percentage is higher in online slots. However predicting a jackpot based on previous spin is totally false.

Finally, there is a funny urban misconception that the outcome of slots machine is dependent on whether your coin is hot or cold. If your coin is hot, it would be more likely to generate wins. If this misconception is true, it would be very difficult to heat online slots' virtual coins. Again, this misconception goes against the fact that the slots generate purely random numbers and you can win or lose on it if you're lucky or not.

Slots machines are easy to play with. You can also win or lose at it easily. These facts generated several slots machines urban misconceptions which just add up to the mystery of the game.

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