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las vegas strip

Downtown Las Vegas: Gambling on The strip

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The Las Vegas Strip is outside of the classic downtown area. It is famous for its elaborate resorts and glamorous amenities. If you have never been to Vegas before, you absolutely have to visit the Strip to get a glance of the incredible attractions and displays. This is the area in Las Vegas that frequently is used as a backdrop in modern movies such as Ocean's 11. The Las Vegas Strip is a four mile section of Las Vegas Boulevard that rests south of the downtown region. Technically this section of the road runs between the intersections of Sahara Avenue and Russell Road, but as new construction takes place, the strip continues to grow. Starting in the earliest days of gambling in Las Vegas, a few small casinos were built on the Boulevard to get the traffic from outside of the city. In 1946, the infamous Flamingo was built on the modern strip and spurred all future development. It wasn't until 1969, that a new wave of casino construction would move in and revolutionize the Strip. This was the year that The International Hotel, the largest hotel in the world at the time, was constructed. This ushered in the age of mega-resorts.

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Finally, in 1989, the Mirage was built and was the first major casino to offer an all-in-one experience by providing a full casino, luxury lodging, and fine dining. Even today, two decades later, we can see the same spirit of exceptional service and one-upmanship as newer, more extravagant resorts are erected on this small four mile section of road. What To Do Here The Strip has something for everyone. This means gambling, art, family amusements, nightclubs, and much more. If you are looking for a taste of Europe, Paris Las Vegas and The Venetian are the two places for you. Both of these resorts give you a taste of Europe with their elegant art and old world recipes. Take a look at the Eiffel Tower replica at Paris (and ride to the top!) or go for a gondola ride in the Venetian's canals! If you are looking to gamble, you've found the right place. Nearly every resort in this area operates a full casino, and craps tables are NOT few and far between. For more information about which casino's are best for craps, check out our Vegas craps page. Throughout the day there are some incredible displays that you will want to see. These are often very family friendly so grab the kids too.

The water fountain displays at the Bellagio are world famous, as are the volcanic eruptions at the Mirage. If you've got your kids with you, head down to the South Strip to get some Las Vegas Entertainment for the whole family. The casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have made a real effort to cater to pedestrians in the last few years, so if you'd like, its fine to walk around. If you want to get from one end of the strip to the other, though, it can be a pretty long hike. If you need to travel the whole way down the strip, or if you want to go downtown, there is a great monorail system that stops at most of the resorts. If the monorail doesn't lead to your destination, there is also a popular public bus system known as CAT that can take you nearly anywhere in the area.

The Strip follows the rules as set out by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

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