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Gambling Games in the U.S. & their Origins

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First of all, let's be clear about one thing: gambling isn't an American invention. In fact, gambling is way too older than America. Gambling games are a conglomeration of various cultures and civilizations. The Heritage of gambling can be traced back to the Chinese. China is home of many games of chance. One of which is Keno, which was an early form of the lottery.

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This game evolved in many ways. It was simplified, standardized and commercialized until it reached casinos. Still, casinos around the globe play different version of Keno. Another ancient Chinese game was the Pai Gow. Obviously, Pai Gow poker is a hybrid between American poker and the ancient game. This was a hit in China and it's still popular in today's casinos. Its appeal comes from its simplicity, but it's the reason why purists criticize the game. To them, the beauty of Pai Gow is its complexity and it says much about the sophistication of the ancient Chinese culture. But China isn't the only country that has popularized gambling. Europe is also home of the most popular casino games to date. This is where Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette flourished. Craps is probably the oldest of them since it can be traced back with the ancient dice throwing games. Blackjack probably came from France and Italy, which were popular with the masses. On the other hand, Baccarat was known to be a rich man's game and are the game of choice of royal bloods.

Today, we still associate Baccarat as a game for the high class, because only those with a certain amount of dough can afford to play in mini baccarat tables. Other betting games came from sports betting, most notably waging on the winner of thorough-bred horse racing. This was a game developed by England in the 1700s. the British took the game over to America and since then, it never stopped flourishing. Still, the traditions of the game remains and there is so much British-ness when it comes to horse racing. Jai Alai was and still is among the most unique of gambling. Florida exalts of being the only state to house Jai-Alai. Jai Alai traces its origin from the Spanish. Arguably, what America can boast to have invented is internet gambling. Internet gambling is just barely a decade old but it has changed the way people can gamble. With the Internet, opportunities and the business potential of gambling bust wide open. Just imagine, with all the Internet games available on the net, Las Vegas ca n be transferred in everyone's computer screen.

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