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Inside Las Vegas: Tips and Tricks

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Las Vegas is a wild and exciting place, but most people end up making simple mistakes that can cost them thousands of dollars! Las Vegas is like no other place on earth, and with all of the action, it's easy to get carried away. There are a lot of "in's and out's" when it comes to visiting Las Vegas, but below are three of the best tips and tricks to help you get the most bang for your buck in sin city. There is no trick in the book that is talked about more, or used less, than the "$20 sandwich". Never heard of it? Well basically, when you are checking into your hotel, you will be asked for your credit card and driver's license. If you were prepared, you would make sure to have a $20 bill tucked neatly between these two items. When you hand the "$20 sandwich" to the attendant, ask if there are any available 'complimentary room upgrades'.

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Don't be shy with this tactic. You aren't bribing the police here, there's nothing wrong with greasing hotel employees for a little VIP treatment. Now, some attendants simply don't play this game, and often they really cannot give you a free upgrade. However, you would be amazed how often they can help you out, and if you do get an upgrade for a measly $20, you might have just tapped into the single best deal the town has to offer. As a side note, if the receptionist is unable or unwilling to give you an upgrade, they are expected to give you your $20 back. If you run the numbers, gambling in Las Vegas casinos is not a particularly good investment, but there is one way to recoup some of those losses.

No, I'm not talking about writing off your losses, I'm talking about getting comps. The easiest way to do this is to sign up for a players card at the start of your trip to keep track of all of your wagers/time spent on the slots. When you are at the table games, tell the pit boss that you want to be rated, and he can record your gambling. These comp points can be used towards anything the casino offers. Often you will get comped meals or drinks, but getting a free night or two is not out of the question. For real high rollers, the sky is the limit. The casinos like to give back to their big spenders because they understand the art of entertainment.

You scratch their back, they'll scratch yours, and you can both keep coming back for more. Sometimes it can seem like everything in Las Vegas is over-priced, but if you know where to look, you can have the time of your life for free! Here are our top five tips for cashing in on a free show. Most Las Vegas resorts make a point of always having some free shows taking place in lounges, bars, or even right in the casino. When you check in, ask if they have a schedule of performances. At worst, you'll have to buy a drink or two. The fountains in the 8-acre lake in front of the Bellagio have practically become a Las Vegas Icon. These fountains spring to life (for free) from 3 pm until midnight on week days, and from noon till midnight on the weekends. They run every half hour until 7 pm, after which they can be seen every 15 minutes. Caesars Palace offers their own fountain show that reenacts the mythic fall of the city of Atlantis.

It too, is completely free to the public. In the nineties the strip was taking over the Las Vegas tourism, so the downtown area built the Fremont Street Experience to draw tourists back. This one of a kind project is a four block long canopy that covers much of Fremont Street. Every hour from 6 pm to midnight, it's two million light bulbs are turned on, and you are treated to an unbelievable light show. You can even get some $1 hot dogs from the local vendors right under the show! Finally, no Las Vegas trip is complete without checking out the volcano in front of the Mirage. It appears every hour from 8 pm to midnight, and you'll want to experience this right in front of the Mirage, standing on the strip. When you see the waterfall slow to just a trickle, that is when the flames (yes real flames) will erupt out of the peak. After a 2008 renovation, this show is even more incredible than ever before.

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