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Macau: Asia's Gambling Capital

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Las Vegas and Monte Carlo has now something to worry about in the other side of the world. A little city in the vast land of China celebrates the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. This is Macau, the newest gambling haven in the East.

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Macau is a very interesting place to be in. It's multicultural and no matter which race you are, you will certainly find something in the city to relate to. One of these things would certainly be gambling and the city definitely has the ambiance and the best casinos that everyone can enjoy.

Macau has casinos that rival the world-famous cities of Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. The city which was formerly occupied by the Portuguese has Euro-style casinos and state-of-the-art gambling system. Gambling has definitely helped Macau's economy and is in fact, responsible for 50% of the government's revenue. It is certainly the lure for the tourism industry. Casinos are everywhere in the city and everyday, hundreds of hopefuls from all part of the world swarm this gambling capital of Asia to seek their dollar fortunes.

The Macau casinos are magnificent. They are bejeweled with glittering chandeliers and luxurious gambling rooms which all live up to the Macau standards of total gambling experience. The hotels are one of the world's best offering you comfort and luxury, no less. Gamblers pack these casino hotels at any time of the day and they are ready 24/1 to attend the gambling-seeking fellows. Macau casinos offer all the games you could think of. The roulette, blackjack, and the poker are some of the favorites. What makes Macau casinos different from Las Vegas or Monte Carlo is that they also have an ingenious gambling called the Chinese fan-tan. This gives visitors a feel of the Chinese culture in a Western setting such as Macau.

What is a casino without entertainment? One hotel in Macau offers "Crazy Paris Dancing" and is a real treat for those who enjoy watching amazingly-crafted dance numbers. Bars are also open in the hotel casinos for anyone who feels the need for booze and good music.

Like any other casino, Macau casinos admits only those aged 18 and up for the tourists, 21 for the local Macanese. The casinos accept both Hong Kong dollars and Macanese Patacas. Exchanging your currency would not be in a problem because the hotel casinos often have exchange counters or are situated near banks.

The city of Macau definitely is something to look at for gamblers and tourists. It boasts of beauty and intricacy definitely worth visiting the place for. Macau casinos offer so much fun and uniqueness, you would to repeat the experience several times over.

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