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Martingale system - Roulette

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As many of you may have used this system with various results – I will now explain why this is not a winning strategy in the long run.

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The Martingale system has been around for a while, ever since the 18th century France. It was there it all started, not with a spin of a roulette wheel but with a flip of a coin. The basic strategy was that if you lost, you doubled the bet until you won it all back. Heads you win,  tales you lose. This fast and simple game was very popular in France, win or lose in a single coin toss.

So what did the system do for the player ? It’s pretty simple. After a loss you doubled your bet until you won again, so you can win back you original bet. But how much do we risk and how much are we winning.

We bet 1 coin and loose, now to win it back we bet 2 coins. Again this is a lost bet and now we have to bet 4 coins to win it all back. Finally! the 4 coin bet wins, but how much did we actually profit from this?

So as you can see, we risk 7 coins to profit 1 coin. you may think “Yeah, but we can just do this over and over again, and make a steady profit of 1 coin per win“. Sure you could do this…..if you had unlimited wealth and time. And here is where the gamblers lost.

A gambler shows up with 127 coins (he had a good run at Black Jack) and starts betting. He is having an unlucky day, but is sure he will win eventually. Loss after loss and now he is bankrupt. How many bets did it take for him too loose using the Matingale system ?

We can see it would take 7 bets, last bet risking 64 coins to profit 1 coin.

Now when you have understood the basics of this strategy, I am going to show you why it’s even worse at roulette !

First of we have to know the difference between an American- and European roulette. The difference is simple, the American has two Zeros and the European has one. And this is one of the things that makes the martingale system worse on the roulette. The other thing being the limitation of max bet, and also the min bet you can make.

Instead of betting on heads as in the coin game, in roulette you would be betting  on Red or Black. Here you would also double your bet if you lost, and kept betting on the same color. When you win, switch and start betting from your original bet. So why is the zero so bad for you? This is because in the coin game you had a 50/50 chance of winning, adding the zero (or two in on the american version) changes it. You no longer have a guarantee win, even thou you have unlimited coins and time. Now suddenly you may have been loosing and its time to place a big bet, BOOM ZERO STRIKES !

You just lost the big bet, and the Matingale system stopped working.

Even if the zero was not on the roulette table, this would surly do the job too. With having a set minimum bet, the escalation of the bet will be faster when a losing streak occurs. This means you will get up to pretty large bet relatively fast. Now here is where the maximum bet comes in to make you lose. What if you are now at the maximum bet and lose ?  This means that you can not double your next bet ! Now the system has really failed!

Because the strategy is built on that you always need to double your bet if you lose, to win back your previous loss and a small profit. And that is why you will lose sooner or later with this strategy.

Now when you are done reading this article I hope you understand that this system does not work on the roulette table. In the long run this is a loosing bet. There are many sites where you can buy this “secret strategy”  but they are just going to take your money and send you the Martingale System. Don’t waste your money on products that claim secret tactics to win at the roulette.

With that said I don’t mean to say you should not play the roulette! It’s a fun game to gamble at, and I like it ! But don’t think you can find a secret strategy to win, just play to have fun

Personally I think it is more fun to play your gut feeling on what color or number will be the winning one. And if I lose, well hey! I at least had fun and did not lose because of some scam strategy !

Happy Gambling and a happy bonus day, may the luck be with you!

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