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My experience gambling with lots of money

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I want to share an experience with your readers. I am a big money gambler who has won a lot and lost a lot and had a lot of heartache.

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Two weeks ago I went to a Louisiana casino boat, I brought $4,000.00 to play with. I sat at a double diamond $5.00 machine. I won 1,200.00 within minutes. They paid and I continued to play the same machine, I hit $3,800.00 this time. They paid me and I got up and got a comp to eat. I went into the restaurant but the line was so long I decided not to wait. I sat down at a ten times pay $1.00 machine and withing minutes I won 2,000.00 now I was ahead $7,000.00 and decided to leave. On my way home I was flipping through a Strictly Slots magazine and was reading the monthly slot pay charts for Louisiana. I notice that they reported the casino boat in Lake Charles as paying 206.3% on their $25.00 slots, so I thought well I have 7,000.00 in winnings so I'll just drive there and see what happens. I arrive at about 3:30 A.M. Being the only player on that level of the boat I sat down at a double diamond $25.00 machine and hit it twice within 20 minutes, once for $5,000.00 and once for $8,000.00. I got up and decided to play a triple diamond $5.00 machine, I hit again for $1,200.00 now I was a $21,200.00 winner for the night.

On the way home I decided to stop yet again at a reservation casino and here my luck stopped. Listen carefully people you can lose big, very big. I had been awake for over 28 hours. At this casino I go straight into the high limit slots room. I lost continuously for two straight hours a total of $9,200.00. Within the two days I lost it all including the $4,000.00 I started with, for a total loss of $25,200.00 dollars.

It happened real quick, so yeah you can win really big and you can lose everything very fast. Remember Casino's aren't built on winners, YOU pay for them. That's what happened to me. Good luck and remember if you win (don't do what I did) take the money and run. Lucky (from LA)

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