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Lil Dave plays at the best online casinos and reviews them. The best guide for gamblers.

How can an online casino experience compare with the classic land-based casino? Well there are no fluttering lights, dazzling fireworks or exquisite interior designs like you may see in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. The thing that online casinos do have however is the convenience factor. After a hard day of work when it’s time to kick back with a cold beverage and relax this is where the online casino comes into its own. Players can enjoy all the thrills of a casino from the comfort of their homes. What is also great is that many of the best online casinos have fantastic bonus offerings.

If you are the kind of person who plays lots of online games, you should try playing at online casinos. Instead of just wasting time you could also be wasting money. Actually you will have the opportunity to make lots of money if you get really good. The best way to learn and practice is through free online gambling websites. Most online casinos offer free versions of their software. This is so people can try out their casino and see if they like it.

Slots are the most common game found in any casino. These are machine games and the main attraction in all land based and online casinos. The traditional table games like blackjack, craps and poker require some skill in order to get the best odds and the best chance of winning. Slot machines do not require any skill or knowledge. Anyone can play and there are no legitimate guides to make you a better slot player. Anyone can play slots with a very small bet. Just bet the most coins allowed by the slot machine and you will have the same chance as anyone else.

Online slots select numbers randomly. This is through a program called a random number generator. These random number generators were originally developed in C language. This meant that software needed to be downloaded in order to use the online casino. Today almost all of the major providers of online casino software offer a Java version. The Java version allows players to use a browser based version of the casino that does not need to be downloaded. It is still necessary to have a flash plug-in pre-installed in your browser. These are common plug-ins and will not affect the performance of your computer. The spinning of the reels has no affect on the outcome of each pull or game. The outcome of each game is predetermined by the software. The spinning reels are there for entertainment purposes only. The technology behind land based slot machines has also changed. Slot machines are still played the same way as they have always been but the outcome of each game is now controlled by a computer chip. The chip tells each reel when to stop spinning.

Classic slot machines used a configuration of gears and levers around a metal shaft that held the reels in place. First, a coin detector unlocked the machine and started the game. The shaft was connected to the handle. The handle was pulled to get the reels moving. A braking system was used to stop the spinning reels. Sensors determined where the reels should stop spinning.

The change in technology has both prevented cheating and improved the casinos control over payouts. The technology in the cheating industry had surpassed slot machine security in the late 1980′s. Mechanical devices and lights were being used to trick slot machines into paying out. Microprocessors have made these practices almost impossible. With more control casinos can change pay out rates at any time. They can lower the payout rates when the house is full and raise them to bring in more players during slow times.

Online Casino Gambling has gained great popularity. More and more gambling lovers decide to stay in the comfort of their own home and enjoy playing online instead of going to a real casino. The countless online casinos make it really difficult to recognize which of them are worth your time, money and what’s most important- trust. It is obvious that you don’t have time to check all of them. The situation is particularly complicated when you are a new in the gambling world and do not know exactly how to move here…For this reason, we decided to help you and all those who have entered or are about to enter this fascinating world of games.

When choosing and online casino to play at, many people take into consideration the software used by this casino. Software can and should be tested for inherent fairness. There are several casino software companies which are really worth recommendation and trust for their excellent, fairness certified software products. These are Microgaming, Playtech, Vegas Technology, Cryptologic and RTG. There is also a number of proprietary software platforms.

You can download them to your computer and get easy access and a solid Internet connection. More and more software companies provide Flash Casinos. This form is often welcomed by the users who prefer to play browser based games since they do not take up storage space on one’s computer hard drive. What’s more, these Flash games are compatible with Macintosh computers. It depends on the personal needs of the players which option they will choose.

Next factor taken into consideration by players when choosing a casino are the games offered which obviously depend on the software platform itself. Actually, each software licensee (i.e. casino owner) has influence on game selection. It is up to software licensee whether to offer more or less games. Therefore, if you come across two online casinos using the same software, don’t get misled by the idea that they offer exactly the same games.

Anyway, undoubtedly for most players, a good selection of games is a necessary condition that must be fulfilled.

Table games, card games, slots, video poker and progressives are the mainstay of any online casino. A good casino will make every effort to offer a unique twist on the games. Any casino can claim to have the best games in town. Yet, what counts is the reality. Are they able to prove their games are the best? It isn’t a big deal anymore, where a few dozen games are offered. The truth is that players are more and more demanding. They expect more excitement and more surprises. Therefore, all of the casinos reviewed at Online Casino Gold List offer the largest selections of games. Some provide players with more than 300 and are adding new games each month.

Next factor that players often take into consideration when choosing an online casino - they ask a simple question: “How am I going to be treated if I have any questions or problems?” And here, the importance of customer support department is revealed. Obviously, we expect them to impress us with their kindness and professionalism. None of us would like to be treated badly or stayed unanswered for a longer period. The best online casinos provide several ways to contact them and always have someone available to answer your questions or help whatever problem you encounter.

Finally, it can’t be denied that many players look for casinos which offer attractive welcome bonuses and/or reoccurring promotions.

Nowadays, access to online casino gambling is almost unlimited. It is the right moment to start your adventure. Let us lead you to the best casinos. Let us provide you with tips and advice on how to play the games, and how to select the casino that would be best for your needs. was created with aim to help the new players make their first steps in this fascinating gambling environment. We did our best to gather all the necessary information that you can use in order to really enjoy playing online games. Not only are we familiar with each casino’s software, management and overall reputation, but we have also made sure that each casino passes our individual inspection. We hope the casinos we have chosen will be a source of fun and financial profits for you!

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