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Slot machines are one of the simplest games out there in casinos. This makes it among the popular games in casinos. In fact even children below the age of 10 can play slots if it were legal. Oh, and it also gives the hope of players to become very rich very fast with very small bets.

The object of the game is the simplest of all. There is not much thinking required. All you’d need to do is kick the machine to release those coins, if it were legal. To be able to win you’d need to align certain combinations of symbols in the payout line.

The pay line is usually located at the middle of the screen. If just one symbol was not able to make it to the payout line, you’d better try your luck again. It eventually will get frustrating or more challenging for some just to make the symbol reach a millimeter of the payout line.

The rewards vary from different machines and different symbols out there. The usual jackpot is achieved by having 3 symbols that symbolizes the machine’s name. I.e. the name of the machine is “Martian Pizza Pie”. To get that elusive million you’d need to hit 3 pictures of the Martian pizza pie at the payout line.

However to get the chance to play, you’d need to be giving something too. You’d need to insert coins to spin the wheel or press the button to make the reel move. The coins that are eaten by the machines are what cumulate to be the reward of a person hitting the jackpot. So if you’d like to play the big pot slot machine, think again. The machine might have higher pot prize because lots of people have been losing at it. It’s like the lotto.

Some people even think that slot machines are the worst game to play at casinos. Compared to blackjack, video poker and other games that need lots of strategy and skills from the player, slot machines could make a player with little skills the champ. This is because this is a game that won’t get you fooled by better dealers or other players.

Some slot machines even have payout ranges that range from 95% to 99%. However this game is just all about luck and not about skill. If you feel like a million dollars today and do not have skills for other gambling games; Drop the coin in a slot machine and pull the lever to your instant riches.

Slot History

The slot machine that is popular today was called the Liberty Bell. This was invented by Charles Frey of San Francisco in 1899. It consisted of three spinning reels that featured five symbols such as the liberty bell, horses, spades, hearts and diamonds. This machine had a simpler mechanical payout mechanism such that when you hit the three bells to every row of the pay line, you would win 10 nickels as your jackpot prize. Jack is the term used to refer when you did not win anything in a spin. Other famous traditional slot machine symbols were melon and cherry which had prizes of chewing gums in various flavors. It even had the pictures of the chewing gun in the reels. The Bar was another traditional symbol that carried the Bell Fruit Gum logo. The first electro-automatic slot machine was made possible by Bally Manufacturing in the year 1964. It was called the Money Honey. It was known to be the earliest machine for more than fifty years that sprung from the original invention of Fey. The machine had levers and springs internally with electrical machineries. For some players, these changes truly enhanced their gaming experience with higher jackpots and various coin plays. The use of electronics allows exciting flashing lights and slot noises that made gaming exciting and fun. Bally manufacturing has continuously become more progressive when it comes to developing slot machines. In the middle of the 1970’s, they introduced the Dollar Slot Machine in which casinos set in bigger jackpots. Up to this dates, these slots are considered the most played games second to table games when it comes to profit games. In 1980, a company called Sircoma introduced this video poker machine. The players at first were hesitant of this video game since the reels spinning could not be actually seen. Soon this video game became very popular both in land-based casinos. In the year 1990’s, some slot machines are accepting bills for the convenience of the players. In 1992, Bally Manufacturing introduced slot machines that had various games in just 1 machine which offers variety to the playing public. As the slot machine became modernize they allowed players to play without using actual cash. The slot machines use cards and tickets for each game played. Some slots machines have the advanced touch screen technology. Because it is computerized, accessible help menus are available. Further, the vast use of high speed computer internet paved the way to online slot machine gaming. Online casinos proliferated in just a short period of time. Players can now play anytime and without leaving their homes or wherever they are. Indeed, the slot machine had come a long, long way since

In numbers, the history of slots ooks like this:

1895- Charles Fey invents the slot machine

1907- The beginning of Slots evolution. Fey came into partnership with the Mills Novelty Company. “Mills Liberty Bell”- are you familiar with that name? It was the first official Slot machine manufactured by Mills Novelty Company. From that moment on, Slots have been developed. Thanks to the digital technique, slot lovers can celebrate the beginning of Online Slots era. Exactly, that’s just the beginning. We believe the evolution of slots will continue, so players- get ready for new excitement- it’s on the way!

Slots Terminology

It is important to know the terms and jargons used when playing online slot machines in order to appreciate and understand the game more. • Bonus Feature: In bonus slots, the combination starts with a bonus feature that permits the players to add into their payouts. It often involves either free spins or another game. • Buy your Pay: As the player plays max coins, rare machine provides more payout selections. Playing with one coin would activate only a single winning combo set and playing with max coins will unlock more. • Coin Size: This refers to the bet size in one spin. Say, the player wishes to play the quarter slots the bet is a quarter. • Hit: This is a slang term synonymous to a win. • Max bet: This refers to the highest bet of coins that permit the players to play in just one spin. • Onesies: This is a slang term used for players who are only allowed to play one coin for each game. • Progressive Jackpot: This is a large total of money that increases in every spin as the player hits the special combination while on play. • Pay line: These are lines or a winning line in the slot machine indicated by a pay table. • Payout: This is the amount given by the machine as prize to players who won a game. • Payout Percentage: These are the amounts per wager that is deposited into the slot machine, which composed a payout or win. If the slot machine has 98 percent payout percentage this means that 98 cents per dollar is the payout and the 2 cents left is the casino’s profit. • Pay Table: This is the chart in the slot machine that presents the amount of cash won for every winning combination. • Random Number Generator: The computer program applied by the online casinos to determine a random win. This kind of classy program makes sure that all payouts and wins are honest and fair. • Reels: These are the wheels within a slot machine which spin around while on play. The landing of these wheels determines the winning or losing in a game. • Static Jackpot: This is a prearranged jackpot which can never be changed regardless of the number of people that play or up to what extent does it pay. • Staggered Payout: This is a chart for payout that provides more cash to plays including more coins. • Symbols: These are the pictures printed on the reels. • Take Cycle: The manner in which the machine will no longer give payouts after it had made one payout. • Winning Combination: These are the various symbol combinations in the reels which must be hit on the machine to gain payouts. • Wild: A symbol, which can replace other symbols. • Zombie: A term called for players that sit on the same slot machine playing again and again instinctively without turning on the machines.

Slots on Websites

Online slot machines are also known as fruit machines. It is one of the gambling games. It offers massive jackpots and high payouts. It is more popular among casino players. These games do not require any special skills and knowledge. It is very easy to play.

Online slots are played from anywhere and anytime. It needs only one computer with internet connection. You are able to save money and time. Online slot machines are better than land based games. It provides multiple payout games, multi- line slots and progressive jackpot games. Online slot games are also known as virtual slot games.

In general, online games provide many benefits such as convenience and comfortable. Slot games are available in a way to understand easily. The method of playing is also so simple, as it requires only pressing the button. Here, there exists only low chance to lose your money.

Slot machines provide variety of games. There are wide ranges of websites provide slot games. These games are available in online twenty- four hours. Virtual slots provide higher jackpots compared to traditional casino slots. Some of the casino slots provide free bonuses. It offers sign up bonuses. Virtual slot machines offer luxury of playing slot machine games. It provides more than hundred free slots. There are many reviews available about virtual slot machines. It explains about how to play and how to win the virtual slot machine game. Make use of that.

Are you keen on slots? If yes, then you must be well acquainted with the differences between the slots provided by land based casinos and their online versions. Of course it depends on individual taste, whether one finds more excitement playing in a real casino or in the comfort of his/her house.

Yet, it can’t be denied that these are the online slots which have gone through great changes due to the digital development. Oh yes- the online slot opportunities are actually unlimited and naturally, slot lovers take advantage of that. Ok, that’s truly impressive, but what happens when a new person appears in the online gambling world who does not how to move here, where to go, yet has a great desire to try online slots? Definitely, he or she might get very confused seeing so many casinos offering so many various games. Of course, on the one hand such choice can be encouraging for new players, but are they aware of the fact that not every casino is worth their money and time? We don’t want you to learn on your mistakes. We rather think, it is wise to learn on the mistakes made by others…Therefore, we created Online Casino GoldList - a source of information concerning casinos which is really worth your trust.

We understand very well that you may be afraid of various unpleasant surprises as far as fair gaming, reliability and swift payouts are concerned. Actually, who is not afraid of this? Everyone who respects their hard earned money will pay attention to these factors. You have the right to feelings such as insecurity and uncertainty and our job is to make them disappear.

There’s one thing about online slots which evokes purely pleasant emotions in players. It’s of course the fact that you can benefit from free games. Yes, this is definitely worth underlying. When are you going to practice and gain experience if not when playing free slots? That’s the great thing about online slots. And we can’t fail to mention that Online Casino GoldList visitors may take the opportunity of our exclusive Hot Offers. Believe it or not, but you don’t even have to deposit your money to grab a Free €15 Bonus!

Finally - players find it a routine to be offered a 100% Bonus at sign up. We don’t want you to find routine at Online Casino GoldList. We want you to get really excited. So, how about a 200% Bonus match at sign-up? That’s our offer and we know you like it!

Honestly, searching for online slots may turn out to be a never ending story. Do you see how many of them exist in the online world? Yes, the choice may be difficult. But you definitely want to find a casino that fulfills your needs and desires, don’t you? Ok, so let us give you one tip. Maybe it’s short and simple, but that’s exactly how things should be like in this online jungle of casinos: you are on the right way if you chose a casino whose games are powered by reputable software.

First time playing online slots

Congratulations! If you read this information you decided to or you are about to start your adventure with online slots. Ready for the theory? If you want to play, you have no choice. Don’t worry… a little bit of theory won’t harm you. Let’s start from the first steps. Here you go:

  1. Click “Insert Money” and follow the onscreen Slot machine instructions.

  2. Credits in the denominations will be offered to you. Select them. This is how you place your bet. Piece of cake, isn’t it?

  3. View your balance inside the credit box.

  4. Wanna go for big opportunities? No problem- click “Bet Max”. In this way, you bet the maximum limit.

  5. Don’t feel like risking much? Click “Bet One” for individual credits.

  6. Ready to start? The most exciting moment is right now- you click ‘Spin’ and your heart starts to beat faster and harder as you are waiting for the numbers/images/symbols spinning away. This is exactly when you wish your inner power somehow influence the results of the spin. Nothing depends on us. We can only wait…wait impatiently. Isn’t it exciting?

  7. The reels stop. Let’s say you are the lucky winner. What happens? You can see your cash payout posted on the Payout Table. Clicking on the “Winner Paid” icon, you will find whether you have finished the game with amount of money that you didn’t even dream about (which we wish you with our whole hearts) or got some nice cash for shopping. One thing you can be sure about- regardless of the amount of money won, you will feel really glad. This is a natural feeling of any winner.

  8. Finally, did you know that you can use the option of switching machines while playing the same game? Wanna try luck somewhere else? No problem. Just find a “Switch Machine” button.

Slots Rules

Creating a new online slot game, its developer establishes the rules concerning the game. So it is very probable that if you are playing slots games of the same developer, you may find they have the same rules.

Putting it another way, rules do not depend on the casino, but on the software powering the games. In practice it means that various casinos may offer games of for instance Playtech. Yet, each game will be the same and played according to the same online rules.

How to earn more playing Online Slots?

So you heard that there are some special ways which enable winning great money at online slots? Well, what can we say… dreamers have been existing in this world since its beginning. But please, leave the magic behind your back if you are seriously thinking about playing slots. The only thing that you can and even should believe as far as slots are concerned is that it is simply a game of luck. You can call it a chance, if you wish. Luck, or chance, never mind. What counts is that you should focus on something you may have influence on. Now you may ask: “Do I have an influence on anything if the game depends on chance? Well, maybe that will surprise you , but yes, you can. You can use your reason and choose a good casino to play at. Pay attention to minimum and maximum bets, payout percentages, free cash bonuses, reliability as well as managing your bankroll.

To sum up, your job is to change what you can change, what you may influence and leave the things that don’t depend on you.

How can I improve the way I play Online Slots?

Once again, we underline that you should focus on the factors that may contribute to your game results. Slots are game of luck, but it does not mean that it doesn’t matter whether you use your mind or not. Let’s go through a short lesson of how to be successful playing slots.

This will take two major steps.

Step one: become as familiar as possible with the probabilities behind the game. The aim of step one: Being able to capture the online Slots game promising the greatest probability of beating the house.

Step two: search for the casino offering the most attractive payout percentages for Slots. The aim of step two: earn as much as possible.

The task is easy- everything is shown on the screen. For instance you can see that a payout percentage for a particular Slot game is 97%. Do a little math to find out how it works. 97% payout + $100 inserted into a machine = $97 back. The rest- $3 goes for the casino. Simple, isn’t it?

What we love about Online Slots - Free Games!

Ok, most of us like to pretend from time to time. Be spontaneous! Go for extremes! Do it now! Yes, these are the slogans so often used by those who encourage you to take risks in life. Great, you might say- but what if I’m not a Dare Devil? What if I can’t even make up my mind when it comes to simple things? Well, don’t worry. Casinos are run by people nor robots, so you can expect a little bit of understanding. And here you are: for all those indecisive- free Slot games! Happy? Definitely! So take it easy, you have time to practice without risking your money. Enjoy free games!

Slots Progressive Jackpots

Even if you are a beginner, you must have heard about the Jackpot. And probably you know that when somebody hits the jackpot, he or she forgets about the whole world for a while- yes this is the excitement that you have to experience! Now you are invited to play for “Progressive Jackpots”. How do they work? Hundreds of Online Slot Machines are linked together. As a result, a fraction of every bet placed by every gambler playing the same Slots game is entered into a common and ever-growing progressive pot.

Yes, you can work for others’ earnings- big earnings. But the same rule works for your advantage- all the other players work for your big progressive jackpot.

Wanna know more? We invite you to our page on Progressive Jackpots and hope you will be the lucky one to experience the thrill of the win.

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