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Cheating On Slots

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Slots machines are purely luck-influenced games. There is virtually no winning strategy that you can employ except having a lot of cash to buy credits and the patience to stand in front of the machine and play as many games as you can to try and win as much as possible. Therefore, playing slots machines can be frustrating for those that do not have the luck that day, but can be rewarding for those that are lucky.

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Aside from that fact, there are still people in today's society that just want to win without giving anything. After all, when you gamble, you have to win or lose. However, some people still think that they can cheat their way out of winning in the otherwise tight slots machine gaming. Here are some of the cheats that the people of this world have tried (to some success) in the past:

The Monkey Paw is also known as Slider. It came into existence due to the invention of known slot machine cheater Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who is considered a legend among the slot machine cheating circle. This device was made to take advantage of the payout mechanisms of that time, which was a payout switch. The Monkey Paw is named so because of its claw-like appendage at the end, which was inserted into the slot machine's payout chute until it reached the switch.

A rather bold approach, one cheat in the past used the Coat Hanger in place of the monkey claw. This was rather effective with mechanical rather than digital coin counters in older slot machines. What this hanger does is to mess up with the mechanical counter so that it cannot properly control the amount of money that comes out when the player pays out. This method is rarely used and the theif usually gets caught.

Applicable to both slot machines and video games, the coin on a string is technique used by cheaters to fool machines into accepting credits and letting the user commence a game. In slot machines, it allows one to play credits and win without betting any money. This is done by inserting a coin and pulling it out with the string when the game accepts the credit and unlocks the machine. Slot machine manufacturers have since installed catches inside the credit slot to prevent the use of these cheats.

When companies started developing optical sensors to act as security safeguards and payout monitors, scammers and cheaters evolved to counter this as well. In place of mechanical trip systems, slotis machine makers created optical systems as a sort of trip wire. The light turns off when payout is to be done, and turns off again to stop the payout when the electronic counter sends a signal that the specific amount has been paid out. What these scammers have done is to shine a light into the optical sensor and confuse it, so that it interprets the light as a signal to start payout. This cheat, however, has also been countered in more recent slot machines.

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