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Common Slot Myths

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Slots machines can be objects of mystery to some people. That is because there is no way that one can manipulate the flow of the game in order for them to win 100% with every cast they make. Slots machines are simply unpredictable; you don't know when you can have a winning streak or a losing dash. You are totally at the mercy of the machine.

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However, some people have come to think that there are ways to defeat the machinations of the slots machine game. These people are the ones that think there is a certain process to be followed that can make sure you win the game or at least control the number of losses and wins as much as you could with the slot machine. As a result, several myths and untruths of slots machines have surfaced most of which are unfortunately just myth and never in any semblance of fact.

Unfortunately, some people are lured into believing these myths and mistake them for fact. It does not come as a surprise especially when they've scored a one time win by following these myths, and they've turned it into fact. The truth is, they are just myths and need to be addressed and explained.

You can tell if a slots machine is going to payout to the next gamer. That is not true. There is no way that you can predict what the next outcome is, unless you're a seer of the future. Just because a slots machine is sitting next to two other lucky slots machines does not mean it will share that luck. All of this depends on whim and the RNG (random number generator) that governs the progress of each slots machine game initiated.

The slots machine lever is luckier than the push button. Once again, this is a myth as the entire game is electronic. No matter which one you employ to start the game, it is the RNG that ultimately decides the outcome by generating numbers as soon as the electronic signal is received from either of these two mechanisms.

Weekends are the best times to play a slot machines. Aside from the fact that you are going to get to meet a lot of different people with the same intent as yours, playing slot machines on a weekend is just like any other day. You are at the mercy of that little devil called the Random Number Generator.

A losing slots machine streak will soon be followed by a winning streak. Although this is valid in the reasoning "the wheel goes round" it still really depends on luck. The RNG does not count how many times the player has paid out or ran out of credits. In fact, it is not concerned about that at all. All it does is generate numbers that govern the results of your game.

Winning Slots percentages can be changed easily. This is one major misconception in the minds of people which will lead them to think that they are being cheated. While the casino can certainly change the tightness or looseness of a machine, they would have to change the chip processor and fill out a lot of paperwork to be submitted to the Casino Control Commission.

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