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Littlewoods Slots
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Littlewoods Online 3-Line Slots are played and programmed according to Atlantic City Gaming rules. A 3-Line Slot machine, or fruit machine, has three spinning reels. Players may wager on one, two or three lines. Each time a spin is made, the three reels come to rest randomly with a selection of symbols showing in the game window. Certain combinations of symbols in the game window result in payoffs. The payoffs for the different winning combinations are shown in a payout table. To view the payout table, simply click on the "PAYOUT TABLE" button. We rate Littlewoods Slots 6.0 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

Littlewoods' online 3-Line Slots also include a bonus feature that enables players to collect Bonus Points over time. The number of bonus points collected is displayed in a grid at the top-right hand side of the screen. Bonus Points are preserved between sessions. Upon filling one line on the grid, the player's bonus points are converted to cash.

To begin playing Littlewoods Casino online 3-Line Slots, simply select the number of lines that you would like to play. To play one line, click on the "BET ONE" button once, to play two lines click on the "BET ONE" button again. To bet three lines, click on the "BET ONE" button a third time. Alternatively, to play three lines, click on the "BET MAX" button. After selecting the number of lines that you wish to play, click on the "SPIN REELS" button. If you select "BET MAX" the reels will begin spinning automatically. When the reels stop, your payoff will be determined from a table of winning combinations shown by clicking on the "PAYOUT TABLE" button. Any credits you win will be displayed in the Paid field. Upon placing your next bet the credits in the Paid field will be added to your Credits (minus the amount of the bet which will be displayed in the Bet field).

When the player hits one of the combinations listed above they will receive a Bonus Point in that category (i.e. 3 Moons also wins a Moon Bonus Point in the Star Catcher game). This Bonus Point will be displayed in the Bonus Area at the top of the machine. Players will only receive Bonus Points when betting 3 coins per spin.

Bonus Points will be retained by the player indefinitely, between games and sessions, until the player fills one line in a single category. Bonus points are converted to prizes when one line is filled. Upon filling a line, all of the symbols on that line are erased and the player starts again.

With Top Hat Magic three symbols need to be collected to complete one line. Bonus payouts are as follows:

With Star Catcher seven symbols need to be collected to complete one line. Bonus payouts are as follows:

For keyboards without keypads, you must use the "Fn" key plus the shortcuts above (e.g. Fn + Enter). Please note that these keyboard shortcuts are offered as a suggestion only. Some computers behave differently than others and therefore we cannot guarantee that the shortcuts will apply to all computers.

You may turn on/off the Sound, Voice and Animation during the game by clicking on the Options button located in the lower left-hand area of the console. The setting is turned on when the checkbox is checked and it is turned off when the checkbox is unchecked. You must exit and re-enter the game to activate the Animation feature.

For further information on slots, please consult the following references:

Hence, is Littlewoods Slots secure to play at?

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