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Managing Your Money on the Slot Machine

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Simply press a button or pull a lever and you may well be on your way to pocketing a huge payout with only a minimal capital in the slot machine. It is for this reason that many people, especially those who play in casinos for the first time, prefer to make a beeline for the bank of slot machines. Usually, first-time players play the slots with some pre-conceived ideas regarding how to win big in this game.

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They may think that playing with a, literally, hot coin may help loosen the machine and make it more susceptible to paying out big. Others believe that casinos may place the machines that are loose, or payout more than other machines, in certain strategic areas of the casino to entice more people to play. A slot machine that has not been paying out is due to payout big or that a slot machine that has paid out big is not due to give another one any time soon. All of these are all myths.

What is true is that most players do not notice how fast their gambling bankrolls are depleted in their quest for the big slot machine jackpot. It is important to take note of how a player can manage his money while still being able to play for a long time and have something to show for his effort. This may be easier said than done. It's not that easy to let go of playing the slot machine once a player gets a taste of winning, whether a small or huge payout.

For playing the slots, one of the more difficult things is to match up what was spent in your bankroll with what may be won. Most players who win with the slots have a money management technique. A good rule of thumb is not to go overboard. Set how much time you would like to spend on the slot machine then set how much you would spend at that time. Set aside the payout and separate it from your original bankroll.

Say that you plan to play for two hours with $20 to be spent for each half hour. Go for the quarter machine so as not to burn through your budget quickly. While playing for the first half-hour and you've reached your $20 in payouts, set that aside and just continue playing with what you have left from the original amount. After the first half-hour, pocket all the money you have from the first half-hour and use the next $20 that you've set aside for the next half hour.

If for example you aren't so lucky the second half of that hour and end up losing $20 before your time ends, do not reach for the money that you've just earned on the first part of your hour. Spend the rest of your time doing something else. Take a look at how the other players are doing, take a walk, or have a quick bite until the time for your second hour comes. Then you may start playing with the third installment of $20 for the third half-hour of your playing time.

Having some form of money management technique will ensure that you'll still have enough on your bankroll to continue playing at the slots or at any other game that you may want to try out. Besides, you never know when the next pull of the lever or press of the button would lead you to a big payout.

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