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Monopoly Here and Now Slot Bonus

Monopoly Here and Now Slot Review

Monopoly Here and Now Slot
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Based on the original IGT land-based slot machine of the same name that was in turn based on the famous Monopoly board game, the Monopoly Here and Now online slot by WagerWorks gives the same combination of traditional jackpot slot and Monopoly board game action. Specifically celebrating the 70th Anniversary edition of the classic Monopoly board game, this is a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot with a maximum jackpot in the basic game of 5,000 coins multiplied by the line bet for up to $25,000, and a Monopoly inspired bonus game that awards so much more. We rate Monopoly Here and Now Slot 8.7 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

The look and feel of the base game in Monopoly Here and Now combines traditional jackpot slot symbols like the 9 through Ace symbols with icons inspired by the 70th Anniversary edition of the Monopoly board game, like the Airport, Property Title Deeds and Utilities. Even the game pieces reflect the modern influence in this revival of the classic Monopoly board game, with roller blades, a cheeseburger and a cell phone, for just a few examples. The bonus game screen, then, looks even more like the familiar Monopoly board game (albeit the newly reimagined 70th Anniversary edition of it) than any slot base game or bonus game we’ve seen.

In keeping with the more modernized revamping of the Monopoly board game, the Monopoly Here and Now slot incorporates a number of spiffy animations into the design. This includes an airplane taking off from the Airport symbol, a Utility symbol transmitting radio signals, Mr. Monopoly driving off in his red convertible in the game’s logo symbol, a flashing Wild symbol and more. An uptempo background soundtrack to even the basic game makes this slot as pleasing to the ears as the animations make it to the eyes.

Monopoly Here and Now has 5 reels and 20 paylines. Players choose the coin size of $0.01 to $5, the number of reels to activate (up to 20) and the number of coins to bet per line, from 1 to 5. That makes the maximum possible coin bet 100 coins worth up to $500 in total value. With a $0.01 minimum coin value and 1 coin minimum line bet you can still activate all 20 paylines for just $0.20.

In the base game, the Airport, Property and Utility symbols are worth more than the 9 through Ace symbols, but only appear on the last 3 reels and so may appear more infrequently. The base game has no free spin feature but the rolls on the bonus game are kind of like free spins of a different order.

Mr. Monopoly himself is the Wild symbol, substituting for all but the Free Parking and Board Bonus symbols. The Monopoly Here and Now logo — depicting Mr. Monopoly in his red convertible) is worth 5,000x the line bet, or up to $25,000.

The Monopoly Here and Now bonus game is triggered when 3 or more Board Bonus symbols appear on a single payline. This takes the player to a second screen where a traditional Monopoly game board appears in all its glory (i.e. this is no truncated version of the familiar game board like in some other Monopoly slots’ bonus games). By picking two of the Board Bonus symbols that appeared, the player reveals how many times he or she can roll the dice in the bonus game (from 1 to 8 rolls). Each roll of the dice moves the player piece around the board, the player picking up bonus awards of varying amounts at each space landed upon along the way.

When the bonus round ends, all apartment and hotel upgrades are removed from their properties and all Free Parking meters are reset to their original base jackpots. However, if you end your session playing Monopoly Here and Now with property upgrades or increases to the Free Parking progressive jackpots still in play for your next board bonus round, that “equity” is retained for you until the next time you return to play, as long as it’s in the same currency.

Another special feature of the Monopoly Here and Now base game, involving Title Deeds, actually influences the bonus game. Get 3 Property symbols and another cute animation in this game appears: Mr. Monopoly pulling a property title deed from his tuxedo jacket. It will be to one of the same properties (e.g. Hammersmith, Kensington Palace Gardens and Saville Row) as appears in the bonus game. The player will then earn an upgrade of a hotel or one or more apartments on that property on the bonus game board based on how many coins were bet per line in that spin. These upgrades then incerase your potential earnings from landing on that space the next time you play the bonus game. There are 22 property spaces on the bonus game in all, with base values of 10x to 75x line bet, not including apartment and hotel upgrades. Apartment values are from 40x to 300x per apartment, added to the original property value; hotels are worth 5 apartments.

Similarly, the Free Parking symbols in the base game influence the bonus game as well. Appearing only on the last 3 reels these act like Scatter symbols except for awards offered in the bonus game. There are 3 colors of parking meter: red, orange and yellow. Each time one such symbol appears, a multiplier of your line bet is added to the current Free Parking bonus: red worth 3x, orange worth 2x, and yellow worth 1x. The Free Parking meters start out and, once hit, reset at 500, 200 and 100, respectively. If there are 2 or more credits on the payline activating the board bonus, a Jackpot accumulator will be added to the Free Parking bonuses, increasing the original Free Parking award settings to reflect the size of the player’s line bet when the bonus round was triggered.

Landing on the Free Parking space in the bonus game, then, moves you one step closer to winning one of those jackpots. Once landing on Free Parking the player spins a wheel to determine which color car — red, orange or yellow — advances one step closer to the meter. It takes 3 steps to reach the meter. Once a car has reached the meter, the player earns the bonus matching the color of the car.

The bonus game can end prematurely, however (that is, before you run out of rolls) if you land on the Go to Jail space or receive the Go to Jail card from the Community Chest. Then you have 3 chances to roll doubles to get out of jail, just like in the real Monopoly board game. If you fail to roll doubles after your 3rd try, the bonus game ends, though you do still receive whatever bonus winnings you’ve accumulated at that point. Successfully roll doubles and move to the Just Visiting space on the same Jail square and continue with your remaining rolls around the board.

Land on Community Chest or Chance and get a card that could award you either a certain number of coins or credits, another roll of the dice, or it could move your piece elsewhere on the game board or end the bonus game entirely. Land on Go and get an extra roll in the bonus game.

Lastly, Monopoly Here and Now also includes a Gamble feature that allows you to risk every win that’s below 3,000 credits on a double or nothing, 50/50 prediction of whether an overturned playing card is red or black. You can also opt to take half your winnings and risk the other half. If successful, you can continue gambling your winnings up to 5 times or until your winnings exceed 3,000 credits.

Monopoly Here and Now features numerous ways to win more than just the base game awards. The possible winnings from the bonus game in this slot are exorbitant, including 3 separate personal progressive jackpots. The impressively realized bonus game is also a lot of fun, with a look, feel and gameplay that brings the nostalgia of playing thereal Monopoly board game back to life, except this time providing real money rewards. The energetic background music and eye-popping animations give this game an edge in the look and feel department over some of the other more basic or classic-Monopoly inspired slots that actually make this one a bit more fun to play.

Hence, is Monopoly Here and Now Slot secure to play at?

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