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paris las vegas

Paris Las Vegas Casino and Hotel


Paris Las Vegas was opened on the Las Vegas Strip in September of 1999 after $785 million was spent on construction costs. It boasts some of the most fantastic architecture of any resort in the world, including it's massive replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumph, and a statue of a classic Montgolfier balloon. This is one of those resorts that focuses less on gambling, and more on general entertainment. Because of this, there are a lot of different attractions but the casino is a bit smaller than average, and they are completely average (at best) when it comes to playing a game of craps. The hotel at Paris Las Vegas really is a spectacle. It's located right in the middle of the strip between all of the biggest resorts in Vegas. In fact, I'd venture to say that Paris has the best location possible on the Strip. When you check into your room, you may be surprised by how modest it is (relative to the facade). If you're staying in a suite, you will get all of the little extras including a bigger TV, a much more spacious bathroom, and even an Ipod-compatible stereo.

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The regular rooms only have 27" old-fashioned glass-panel TV's, and even though the furniture is clean and comfortable, it is nothing to brag about. For the price, it might seem like a bad deal, but remember.... location, location, location! When it's time to eat, you've got plenty of options right in Paris Las Vegas. It should go without saying that you will want to check out the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. This establishment serves authentic French cuisine (and breathtaking views) from the eleventh floor of the Eiffel Tower replica! In true Las Vegas fashion, they also have a great steak house. If you are looking for something fast and cheap, then you may want to drop by their 'bistro' for a quick bite to eat. While none of these options are cheap my normal standards, you can split a large $15 meal or get breakfast for less than $10, and for Las Vegas, that is a good deal. Compared to the other nearby casinos on the Strip, this 80,000 square foot establishment seems small, and it doesn't even have a poker room! When you head over to the craps pit, you may be disappointed by the 3-4-5x odds that are so common in this area. In total, they have 6 craps tables and the lowest limits allowed are usually $5, while the highest maximum caps off at the typical $5000. A lot of major Las Vegas casinos smell like cigarette smoke, but Paris' casino may be the absolute worst.

The ventilation is horrible! Honestly, I don't think these shortcomings really bother the management at Paris. They are a primarily a resort, and treat the casino as a necessary, but troublesome requirement. If you are staying at Paris, check out some shows, dive into the dining, and take in the architecture, but go somewhere else to gamble. The most notable attraction at Paris Las Vegas has got to be the Eiffel Tower. It was originally planned to be as large as the original in France, but the airport stopped those plans to accommodate their airplanes. As it stands today, the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas in over one half (5/8) the size of the original, and has an elevator to take you to the top for the area's best sightseeing or a bite to eat. There is also a nice, albeit small, swimming pool at the base of the tower from which you can relax and take it all in.

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