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Roulette Versions

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When I think of roulette, I think of three varieties of the game: one European, and two American. Of the three, the European version presents the best chance for the player. There is only one zero on the layout, and on certain bets, if the little white ball happens to land in the zero slot, the player has an option to save part of his bet en prison.

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There is a world of difference between the two American versions. One version also has the single zero, but unlike its European cousin, in this game if the zero comes up, and you didn't bet on zero, you lose. Period. The second version has a layout with both a zero AND a double-zero, and is a flat-out rip-off. I urge you to avoid wasting your money there.

It amazes me that, when casinos have both zero and double-zero roulette tables, as is the case with the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, both tables are busy. That's why casino owners never overestimate the intelligence of their players.

Of all the games in the casino, none has inspired more "systems" devised to guarantee victory than roulette. The most famous— or infamous—is the Martingale, where the player doubles his bet after each loss, relying on the certainty of eventually having a winning spin. The fatal flaw in this "system" is the built-in table betting limit, which prevents unlimited doubling-up. Even without a table betting limit, the Martingale system remains faulty. There is no guarantee, even if you wager on Red 99 times in a row, that on the hundredth spin Red will show up.

The little white ball, like the dice on the craps table, has no memory. I learned this axiom the very hard way in London, when I brashly aimed to win a few pounds to buy a bauble for a lady friend, and threw my chips on Red. Spin-after-spin, Black came up, until I reached the table limit and had to stop. I retreated from the table like a beaten dog. I felt I had lost enough money on this Martingale sham to buy an interest in the British crown jewels. Needless to mention, I never tried that "foolproof" system again.

I won't go into all the nuances and nitty-gritties of the game of roulette. If you're still hell-bent to play it, there are plenty of gambling how-to books available. The only person 1 know of who had a rational game plan for a go at roulette, and was determined to put it into operation if he could, was a dealer from a London casino who had saved up the equivalent of $200,000.

He wrote to all the casinos in Las Vegas, challenging them to take his one $200,000 bet on just one spin of the roulette wheel, wagering on a color. Many of the casinos declined, a few offered to take him on, but only in a series of bets. Only Binion's accepted his challenge.

The Britisher came across the Atlantic with his wagering money, and prepared for the One Big Spin. Red was his choice of color. English gentleman that he was, he came to the casino decked out in a tuxedo.

The double-zero slot was closed off, and the Englishman gave the wheel a few practice spins. Finally, he nodded, and told Binion, "this is going to be it." A dealer gave the wheel a good healthy "push," and around and around went the little white ball, popping at last into a neat little red niche. The Britisher collected his winnings and returned to Jolly Old England, $200,000 richer (minus what taxes the Infernal Revenue Service was able to siphon off).

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