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Sally's Gambling Experience

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Sally, who is a Christian had no clue that she would meet an angel when she chose to go gambling in Monaco. Many times in the past she had gone gambling on nights out with her friends along the Las Vegas strip area, but she never got the chance to gain a truly spiritual experience doing so.

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
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A few months ago, this simple, spirited and moderately attractive law firm secretary won a load of cash when she went gambling online, in a lottery gambling game. She won five thousand [$5000] dollars.This was not the only gambling blessing that she received. After filling out the necessary forms so that she could collect the amount from her online gambling winnings, she went home and opened her emails. There in her gambling inbox was an email from a trusted site, informing her that since she had filled out a paid survey about a certain brand of shampoo, her name had been included in a raffle draw sponsored by her local travel agent. The travel agency happened to fish her name out as the winner of a five day free trip with hotel accommodations and pocket money to Monaco. This made her very happy, since she was badly in need of a vacation. She thought to herself, "Who'd think that I'd be this lucky just by taking the chance and rolling some dice".

She immediately filed her official leave of absence with her boss, and flew for gambling to Monaco. On her last evening in the casino, in a famed Monaco casino, she was already feeling down and out since she only had a few dollars left in her purse. She had lost most of it in roulette games. She loved playing roulette, in fact, it was her favorite game.

She decided to have a drink at the bar of the gambling casino hotel. She was thinking that it was all over with her and gambling. She would go back to being a secretary in California, and think no more about it. As she was about to finish her margarita from the bar, a tall, a little on the chubby side, red-faced and perspiring man in a gambling checkered suit sat down beside her and started speaking to her in French. She could not understand him, but was able to discern a few words and then it became clear to her what the gambling man was saying when he showed her a large hole that was gaping from the side of his suit's blazer. The man needed help with the suit that he had ripped on a nail that was portruding from a table.

She took out the handy sewing kit in her purse and proceeded to mend the suit's accident.She was done in less than ten minutes and was going to give it back with a beaming smile to the French gambling businessman. But the man gambling was suddenly nowhere to be seen.

She thought about this, and felt around his pockets for any identification so that she could return this to him. She felt something bulky in one pocket and thought that this might be the wallet. But it wasn't. Instead, it was a playing card, a queen. This card was on top of about $3000 dollars and nothing else but that. She was worried at first, but then she noticed the brand tag of the checkered suit. The brand said " St. Peter's-Worker" .

She knew then, that the money was hers and that the French man was an angel. She went back to the gambling tables and started winning largely. Sally went back to California, the next day as a brand new gambling millionaire, and has never stopped believing in the power of gambling.

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