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Social concerns related to Gambling

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Just as gambling is expanding, so are the related social concerns. In North America, many constituencies have voiced their opposition to all forms of gambling because of the disproportionate number of minorities, low-income and underage individuals who are becoming addicted to gambling. This number will increase as the accessibility of casino and other type of gambling also increases. The social cost of gaming will continue to be a concern in the future. Currently, in the United States, there are only two states where there is no form of legalized gambling. Many states continue to hold referenda to legalize gambling. In many cases, the social cost of gambling has been used as a defense against the legalizing of gambling. Additionally, casinos will enforce their regulations which prevent underage gamblers. It is foreseeable that more casinos will follow the footsteps of Harrah's and implement their own version of Project 21. In the future, casinos operating in new areas will look at the social concerns in a proactive manner. Strategies will be developed to assist individuals with clinical gambling problems; perhaps funds will be set aside specifically for treatment and rehabilitation. Moreover, many states with different forms of legalized gambling will legislate treatment centers.

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As now, Las Vegas has already laid the foundation as a gambling destination and a family entertainment center. More casinos will introduce accommodations to have the entire family involved in gambling, naturally, the more money the casinos intend to make. Ironically, right now, the largest hotel in the world is a casino hotel. It is important to note that these architectural giants can accommodate gamblers, church goers, and the Boy and Girl scout all at one time. With many of the above mentioned conventions under the roofs of casinos, youngsters will be acclimated to accept gambling in the future. However, casinos are not just around for entertainment and such.

For a long time, individuals who played cards or shot dice felt they could make a career in the casino industry. They did not feel there was a need for any training, much less a university degree. This industry, as a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, requires sophisticated management strategies. These managers will require solid academic backgrounds in finance, law enforcement, and management. Several community colleges and universities are now initiating curricula that focus on casino management; now possible to obtain both undergraduate and graduate degrees in this field. Also, more efforts will be made to offer casino management courses as continuing education for supervisory and management personnel. There will also be a need for the private casino schools to develop new programs. Since new games are being played, the training agenda and licensing processes will be defined. The casino schools' curricula will also include social concerns and ethics of gambling.

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