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Craps Odds Tips

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In the table-game the Pass Line bettor can help his cause somewhat by placing what are called Odds behind his Pass Line bet. The odds bets are paid off at true odds. Thus, if the point is four, and the shooter makes his point, the odds bet is paid off at two to one. The original Pass Line bet is only paid off at even money. It is usually recommended that Pass Line bettors take the maximum odds allowed. Unfortunately, all the versions of video-craps that I’ve researched for this book did not have the odds bet as a feature of their programming, nor did they have any version of place betting that paid the usual house odds of 9 to 5 on the four or ten; 7 to 5 on the five or nine; and 7 to 6 on the six or eight. All place bets were either unavailable or paid off at even money. That effectively eliminates playing any version of the Captain’s Supersystem or Five-Count Place Betting strategies at video craps.

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There are two other types of bets of which you should be aware: Come Bets, and Don’t Come Bets With the knowledge of the Pass and Don’t Pass bets, these other two will form the framework for your playing of the machine. These bets function precisely as the Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets, usually with one exception-they must be placed after the shooter-in-the-machine has already established the point.

Let us say that the shooter-in-the-machine has established his point. You now place a bet in the Come area of the layout. If the shooter-in-the-machine rolls a seven or 11, you are a winner. If the shooter-in-the-machine rolls a two, three, or 12, you are a loser. Now, if the roll was a seven, the machine will pay off your Come bet and return both your original bet and its payoff since the shooter-in-the-machine has sevened out before making the point. However, if an 11 appears, you take your winnings and you have the option of leaving your original Come bet on the layout, increasing it, or taking it off. If a two, three, or 12 is thrown, your Come bet is lost and, if you wish to have another Come working, you must press the button on the layout.

Now, if and when the shooter-in-the-machine rolls a point number (four, five, six, eight, nine, or 10), the machine will take your Come bet and “place” it on the number. You will not be given the option of placing odds on it. To win a Come bet, the shooter must roll that number again before he rolls a seven.

The Don’t Come works in just the opposite fashion. When you place your bet in the Don’t Come box, a two or three will win even money but a seven or 11 will lose for you. A12 will be a push. However, should the shooter-in-the-machine roll a point number, your Don’t Come bet is “placed” in the lay portion of the number’s box and now a seven will win the bet for you. However, if the shooter-in-the-machine rolls that number before rolling a seven, you lose. Like the Don’t Pass, you can lay odds on the Don’t Come bets as well.

The mathematics of craps gives the casinos an edge of 1.414 percent on the Pass and Come bets, and 1.402 on the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets. These are the only bets you should make at video craps if you want a chance to achieve victory.

The rise of the online casino game

The 20th century has ushered in a totally new form of entertainment. It used to be that people would venture to casino’s only in the hope of making money. Today this is not so. People come just for the entertainment. Instead of going out to see a movie or to a sports event, one will come and spend there money at an online casino. This give you both the opportunity to be entertained and potentially make money at the same time. The indirect consequence of this is that entertainment has gone online.

Offline entertainment like going to movies or watching TV shows has become less popular. For example, who wants to be a millionaire, used to be a TV show, but now it is an online game which is as popular as ever. And the trend is continuing to grow with more and more people moving over to online games such as craps and roulette and other action and strategy games. People are going more and more into the cyberworld to be entertained.

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