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Lil Dave plays at and reviews the best online casinos and slots on the internet. He has more than 10 years experience in online gambling and has visited land-based casinos for over 30 years. Have fun gambling, hopefully you will make a lot of money on the internet!

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Gambling News / Blog

Monster Casino Review

29 December 2017

With Monster Casino averaging two- to three- times more players during peak time than most of its online rivals, there is no doubt that the company has hit a winning formula.


Louisiana: Gambling Mecca

3 December 2017

There are many factors that made Louisiana a gambling and slots mecca of the US. First, it has the Mississippi River which makes it a quick access for gamblers. Second, it used to be home to both Spanish and French people, who were equally avid gamblers. They were the first ones to introduce the riverboat casinos, which had already been such a hit even before the Civil War.


Where to Play Slots in Illinois

30 November 2017

Illinois, especially Chicago, played a crucial role in the evolution of American history. In fact, Illinois is one of the few states that is more liberal about gambling. Even in the 1960s, casinos were already frequented, and gambling games were played by quite a few people. When the riverboat casinos came about, Illinois was one of the states that legalized them.


Virgin Bingo Review

23 November 2017

If you haven't seen the new Virgin World of Bingo yet, then go and check them out. Virgin Bingo has added a shed-load of new games from the classics like 90 ball & 75 ball bingo to lots of super 3, 5 & 20 reel slots and fresh looking new bingo rooms. You also get a £100 match bonus. Deposit using one of the many deposit methods Virgin Bingo offers: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Switch, Solo, Visa Electron, Neteller anywhere from £5 to £100 and get a 100% bonus. You can use this bonus for the large Jackpots that are on offer throughout the day on 100’s of games from a special £6,000 in daily jackpots that must be won in their Marrakesh and Necker Island rooms to Penny Bingo every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! There is even the FREE Daily Necker Island Scratch Card with a £500 maximum payout!


Captain Cooks Casino Review

21 November 2017

Anyone who has visited a casino in Las Vegas can understand that there is no more gratifying sound than the one of coins coming from a slot machine following a win. Captain Cooks Casino will make you experience that feeling when you play at their online casino. Captain Cooks Casino is another of new rising stars on the online casinos business. With their quality service, their good variety of games and their great bonuses they have become one of the top casino that accept USA players.


Gambling in Maryland

6 November 2017

Maryland is very popular due to its very contrasting topography. However, perhaps due to its much smaller land area compared to the other 40 states, there is very limited gambling available.


Slots Gambling in Florida

3 November 2017

Florida is one of the most vibrant slots machine environments in the United States. Just recently, a casino offered a very high payback percentage of 98% to its patrons. However, Florida's slots history is also marked by stringent legislation that has constrained the freedom of people to gamble, but the people can still play slots machines in any of the licensed casinos that the state has allowed to operate.


Gambling in Michigan

30 October 2017

Michigan is one of the states that are open to gambling and slots. Today, there are more than 20 casino establishments that you can choose from. The history of Michigan slots and gambling, in general, may have started in 1933, when the first horse racing game was approved and legalized. In 1972, the state has its own lottery, and now 20 years later, most of the Indian tribes who live in Michigan own more than 10 casinos.


Casino Robbers Used Fake Rifles

26 October 2017

The three men who were indicted earlier this week on charges of robbing an armored van at Casino Arizona of $740,000 have reportedly used toy assault rifles and pepper spray to carry out the crime.


Why Online Casinos Won't Make You Fat

26 October 2017

You have been a frequent gamer and visitor of traditional halls. You have seen how it is to participate in these fast-paced highly entertaining gaming arenas. And although you may feel that you will always love the glitz, glory, and noisy features of local casinos, you wouldn't mind learning what the virtual gambling halls have to offer.


Lucky Red Casino Review

25 October 2017

Lucky Red casino is one of the rising stars from the popular World Online Gaming group. This group owns a group of trusted and popular online casinos and Lucky Red is probably one of their best products. Despite the short time that Lucky Red has been online, it has already gained a lot of respect from casino players. Lucky Red casino is powered by Real Time Gaming Software.


Slots Gambling in Missouri

23 October 2017

Missouri has always been open to gambling, unlike most states where they were considered to be illegal until only recently. Aside from how long it took before they legalized riverboat casinos, which were permitted to operate only in the early 1990s. This also means that the history of slots in this state also started out early.


My experience gambling with lots of money

10 October 2017

I want to share an experience with your readers. I am a big money gambler who has won a lot and lost a lot and had a lot of heartache.


Poker in Live Casinos

9 October 2017

If live poker makes you nervous, but you still love the game, then consider trying video poker. While some players delight in the tension and high stakes of live poker games, others can’t stand the constant observation, stress, and heckling that comes with competing against other players in a game of luck and skill. If you want to cut the luck out of it and play on skill alone, then video poker is an ideal alternative. This ingenious casino game captures all the fun of straight forward poker in a computerized format.


5 Tips For Success On The Slots

4 October 2017

Why are the slot machines so popular? To an outsider’s eye, they may not seem too appealing, since they’re purely luck-based. But visit any casino-themed website, whether it’s dedicated to online or traditional gambling, and you’ll see long lists of people who won huge amount on slots and read thousands of success stories. And that will make anyone wonder, whether there’s more to these deceptively easy-looking games than luck. Here are five basic slot machine strategies you may not have known about. They’re nothing groundbreaking and are fairly easy to go by, but they will change your gambling experience for the better. If you stick by them and play by the rules, your game may enter a whole new turn.


Common Misconceptions about Slots

3 October 2017

There are lots of misconceptions surrounding the game of slots. These misconceptions may be due to the extreme popularity of slots machines. A slots machine is so easy to play. You just have to insert a coin and pull the lever and wait for the result. On virtual slots, you'll just choose your bet and click the spin button. You can easily win on it but you can also easily lose money from the slots. These factors contributed to the creation of several misconceptions that are associated with slots machines and the game itself.


Picking the right online casino

Online Gambling Intro

With literally thousands of casinos available on the internet and new ones being launched every week, it’s more important than ever to make sure you only play on the reputable ones – but how can you spot a bad site from a good one, and which casino will suit you the best?

Firstly, you may have specific preferences for which games you want to play. This could make life hugely complicated, but thankfully there are only 4 or 5 main software manufacturers dominating the industry and we advise that you use a casino backed by one of them to ensure that you play somewhere reliable and safe. They each have their strengths, but with just a few of them around you can easily join one casino from each games maker and flit from one to the next, especially if you play online, which is increasingly recommended:

Microgaming are the largest and longest-established. They have hundreds of casinos, though our favourite is 32 Red, a site that’s won endless awards including Casinomeister’s Best Casino (Global) for the 9th year in a row. Like most Microgaming sites it has way more games than its competitors (about 600 in total) if you use the download version. Microgaming excel at different varieties of videopoker and Blackjack, and feature more Blackjack tournaments than anyone else. They also offer a dozen or so progressive jackpots, with more large jackpot games than you’ll find anywhere else.

Playtech are the second major competitor and are growing at an unprecedented rate. They’re strong on branded slot games, with endless slots based on the latest Marvel films like Blade, Elektra and The Incredible Hulk taking centre stage, though they’re constantly adding new, innovative slots inspired by all sorts of other material as well.

Even though they have less than half as many slots as Microgaming, you’ll never tire of their selection, though the real advantage with Playtech lies in their table and card games: Their 3D Roulette wheel is the best in the business and they offer some games from off the beaten track that really ought to be offered as standard these days: If you want to play Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Casino Hold ‘Em or Stravaganza then you’ll need to visit a decent Playtech site like Bet365 or Winner.

Gaining rapidly in third place are Net Entertainment, offering the sleekest gaming software on the web. Again, they don’t have as many slots as Microgaming but you won’t care as the games are so good. Whilst their table games are every bit as impressive as their competitors’, we’d recommend Net sites like Mr Greens and Guru Play for their range of 3d slots like Jack and the Beanstalk and Robin Hood: Shifting Riches. This collection offers similar levels of strategic play to slots found elsewhere, but with much more entertainment and music plus animated sequences that blow most other slots out of the water. Particularly impressive is Gonzo’s Quest, Net’s signature slot: It’s a falling block-style South American adventure and arguably the best slot game on the planet. Net have plenty more to check out as well, including a new series of movie-based slots on their way courtesy of a recent deal with Universal.

However, if you really want to see just what can be done with a 3d slot game, make sure you check out Betsoft’s Slot3 range. These are simply stunning, with immersive storylines, great characters and incredible sound and graphics. We confidently predict that within a few years somebody will actually make a movie based on a slot game rather than vice-versa – and it’ll be a Betsoft game that does it. Try out games like The Slotfather or A Night in Paris at Mr Green’s and you’ll see what we mean.

Once you know where to find the games you want, you need to make sure your casino is reputable:

Firstly, only use casinos that operate from a UK Whitelisted jurisdiction. Due to punitive tax rules you’ll be hard put to find any online casino operating within the UK, but certain places are deemed by the UK authorities to offer the same level of consumer protection that we get onshore, so make sure your casino is based in one of the following:

Any European Economic Area Country; Gibraltar; Tasmania; The Isle of Man; Alderney; Antigua and Barbuda

Secondly make sure they have the eCOGRA Safe and Fair seal on their homepage. eCOGRA is the premier self-regulatory body for online gaming and their endorsement doesn’t come easily, with any casino awarded the seal checked regularly to make sure they still deserve it. With the larger casinos it’s not so much of an opinion on the software being fair, but confirmation that the casino will process your business properly and pay out when they’re supposed to.

You also need to be sure that your casino uses P-128 SSL encryption if you’re going to provide them with your bank or credit card details. In fact, we’d suggest using an alternative payment method but any decent site should tell you that it uses P-128 SSL anyway.

Our final recommendation with regards to reputation is to check out any casino you’re thinking of using on a player forum, There are lots of these and you’ll hear from real players what the casino is actually like.

Picking the right casino bonuses

Virtually all casinos offer ‘free’ money to get you playing with them when you make your first deposit and often for subsequent deposits as well. These, however, come with a catch: You’ll need to gamble your deposit plus your ‘free’ cash over and over up to as many as 50 times before you can withdraw any winnings from your deposit or bonus.

In addition, many sites will only let you play on slot games to meet the bonus conditions, so check the sites’ terms and conditions carefully –look for ‘playthrough requirements’, ‘wagering requirement multiple’ or similar phrases and you’ll find out which games to avoid and how long it’ll take you to get your winnings. For some good bonus deals at present, check out our Top 10 guide…

Finally, you’ll need to make sure you can get hold of your winnings easily. Player forums are full of disgruntled winners complaining about this, so you’ll be able to find out the score pretty quickly, however as a rule of thumb any of the high street bookmakers that have set up casinos online will have a superb record in this respect, so sites like William Hill Online, Ladbrokes or Betvictor will be a good bet.

Avoid any casino that enforces a reverse pending period. This, amazingly, is touted by some operators as a cooling-off period to benefit you, preventing you from making the ‘mistake’ of withdrawing your winnings in the heat of the moment. They’ll try and convince you that you might regret taking your winnings in cash rather than leaving it with them to gamble back at your leisure, hoping that you’ll lose patience and blow the lot. This is sharp practice and should be avoided at all costs.

However, even if your casino pays out promptly they may have no control over speed of payment if you choose a lengthy banking method:

Don’t bother expecting cheque payments to reach you in less than a month, even with a good casino. In fact, we suggest you never try this method at all. Withdrawals via credit or debit card shouldn’t take longer than 3-5 working days, though an e-wallet is the best method. These really come into their own when used with online casinos:

E-wallets (i.e., Moneybookers or Neteller) are web-based, prepaid money-holding devices that you can use to deposit casino funds and withdraw winnings. They allow winnings to be paid out quicker than any other method, often within 24 hours. Check out our banking methods guide for further information, but always pick a casino that uses e-wallets to pay out.

Last but not least, a note of common sense: Remember, all that glitters is not gold. We find that the best casinos are also the most tasteful. Lurid, multicoloured sites with endless photos of half-naked croupiers don’t tend to be as reliable as the more sober offerings. Bright, primary colours are fine within a slot game and on the corresponding icons that show them off, but if the rest of the site is every bit as flashy then you need to ask yourself why. Again, bookmaker sites tend to use low-key colour schemes in their background design, and other highly-regarded sites like Casino Luck and Mr Green’s do the same – and their reputations are second to none…

Casino Bonus of the Month

The rise of gambling on the internet

Online Gambling Intro
With the availability of the Internet, it has become possible for casino lovers to get online and play the game of their choice. Now, they do not have to go to real casinos to enjoy the game. They can get the same pleasure in the comfort of their homes. They do not get distracted by the noise around you when you are playing on the Internet. This is the biggest advantage of playing on the Internet. Also, you will be amazed to know that there are lots of websites on the Internet which are providing you with the opportunity to play the game of your choice.

You will be happy to know that there are various casino deposit bonuses. They are given by the owner of the website to promote their business online and they have become successful in attracting more and more people from various parts of the world. Players do not have to make any deposit to get started. They can take advantage of the online casino deposit as they are able to learn the game and tips which will make them a winner. This is the reason why these websites have a huge number of visitors because they offer an attractive free deposit casino.

In order to get the information about no cash deposit casino, you can search on the Internet. You will be able to find you numerous websites and you can create a free account on these websites. You will find that there are various people who have joined these websites. You will get a casino room in which you will be able to get in touch with other players share your ideas and opinions. It is highly recommended that you must understand what casino no deposit codes are to be used while playing the game and you will have more chances of winning the game then.

There are lots of forums and blogs available on the Internet for casino gambling. You can get there the information about no deposit casino chips and a no deposit casino coupon. You will be able to understand well and come up with the winning strategy. It is suggested to take part in these message boards as you will be interacting with people who have hands-on experience in casino games. You must read the instructions and policies offered by the website as to avoid any conflict later on. The Internet is a great source of information and you can use it for casino games.

Casino games are loved by people all over the world. This is the reason why casino owners provide no download no deposit casino because they want to promote their business online. If you are a casino lover, it is the right time for you to get on the Internet and take advantages of these websites. You must not deposit the money on your account unless you are sure in what you are doing and you are confident about winning the game. For better understanding, you can ask your friend to play with you and give you suggestions and tips.

My gambling guide

Gambling at online casinos does not only give countless pleasures to several players but also bring in earnings. Casino gaming has become popular to several players worldwide. At times online games lose its pleasure because of playing irresponsibly. These irresponsible players and their families suffer the consequences. Below are some tips for responsible gaming that can help everyone who presently play at casinos or for anyone who plans to play in the future. Setting limits for yourself is foremost and important. Setting a limit in terms of time spent playing and the amount to bet is what is meant here. It is an advantage for you to set aside a part of your money that will be used for the game. Players who are not setting a limit tend to fall into the trap of losing their money without knowing it especially while trying to win the lost bet back. For instance, one player has downed one hundred dollars and has tried to wager one hundred dollars to make it up. If this is done frequently you will end up down for two hundred dollars. Time limit is as well important. Setting a time limit would prevent burnout which can deter you to spend time with your family or do something else important.

Be a wise wager. It would be beneficial to set aside a fixed amount of money that will be used only for gaming. The money for wagering should be separated from your personal needs’ budget. Furthermore, do not borrow money just for gambling purposes. Borrowing money just for gambling is definitely a signal to stop gambling.

In online casino gambling, you should take a break in between each gaming experience. It would be good if you take breaks from time to time and do other activities in the middle of the game. A balance time for gaming for instance is that you play a little in the morning then take a break to go through other activities for the rest of the day, and you may continue playing at night. The chance of success may be high if as you take frequent breaks to relax. Some players become tired and usually make mistakes

Finally, it is very important that you have fun while playing. By name itself, it is only a game, a way to entertain yourself so you should have fun. Stop playing when you feel no pleasure at all while you play online. It would be best to something else like think or meet new people instead. There are a lot of things to consider when you decide to start to play online and the above mentioned tips can guide you.

Why should you trust us?

We are a group of players who spend really a lot of time on the Web reviewing and playing at online casinos. Simply trust the experience! And the truth is that we have over fifteen years of combined experience as far as online gambling adventure is concerned. We have gathered many information during these fifteen years, and would like to share our knowledge with you. We are not indifferent to where you bet your hard earned money.

Why Gamble Online

Enjoy gambling at the comforts of your own home. People gamble because of the pleasure it brings. Gambling is essentially a form of entertainment, and winning money is just the bonus part of this leisure. Overtime, gambling has become the past time of the skilled, the rich and the famous.

Online gambling has since become a part of the gambling industry and continues to flourish on the web. Technology has allowed gambling to become accessible to everyone from their homes. No longer is Las Vegas limited to those who can afford to fly there. Casino gambling has allowed a larger majority to enjoy this past time without having to travel!

Gambling online proves to be a good place to start learning how to properly gamble. There's a fine line between compulsive gambling and leisure gambling, and usually online casinos provide a good training ground for people to learn how to properly gamble. However, the lack of face to face interaction with other players may not appeal to all gamblers. Many online gamblers still take advantage of online casinos because of the accessibility. Online games are played with the help of software programs. The odds of winning online and at land based casinos are pretty much the same. The prizes are just as enticing. Gamblers can even try games for free or for fun then decide whether they want to play for real money.

The rise of online casino sites will definitely continue. Always be on the lookout for the best online casinos, reputation wise and monetary wise of course!

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