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Top 3 Roulette Tips

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Roulette is probably the most iconic casino game in the world – and although it’s massively popular, many people don’t know these 3 vital tips to maximize profits at the roulette table. Roulette is French for ‘little wheel’, and it has 2 main variations, American and European. These 3 Roulette Tips will give you the best chance of making money, but it’s worth considering that whatever you do the house will always have an edge. This article will reduce that house edge as much as possible, meaning you can enjoy playing roulette for longer, and give yourself a better chance either walking out of the casino with freshly won cash, or withdrawing your winnings from your online casino account!

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Maximize your profits

This probably sounds obvious, but the first thing you need to do is maximize your winning potential. If you’re at a land based casino, watch the croupier spin the wheel a few times. Almost all roulette wheels are independently certified – meaning they’re fair, but it’s still worth watching to see if there are any obvious trends. Different croupiers spin the wheel differently, which can make certain quadrant of the wheel see more action than others. If you’re playing at an online casino, use the free play mode for a few spins to see if there are any trends with the software. You should always opt for European roulette, not American roulette. European roulette has one none-red-or-black number, zero. American roulette has two – zero and double zero. That makes the house edge much larger in American roulette.

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Minimize your losses

You need to find a balance between betting enough to make winning worth it, but not risking too much cash that you’ll go bust after a couple of losses. Roulette is a long-ball game, meaning it’ll normally take time to work up a nice winning bankroll – it’s not instant. Set yourself a target amount, and when you win that much withdraw it. All to often I see people winning at roulette tables only to wager and lose all their money. Be strict, and once you’ve made your target amount treat yourself to something nice! Betting on red/black or or/even is a great choice if you’re new to roulette. Because it’s 50-50 you wont lose a huge amount in a short time, so you can perfect your strategy as you play.

Betting strategies

The most common betting strategy is called The Martingale Strategy. Put a bet on red or black, and if you lose you double the bet. It’s that simple! So if you bet $2 on red and you won, you’d end up with $4. If you lost, you’d increase your bet to $4. If you won that bet you’d end up with $8. If you lost, you’d increase your bet to $16 – and so on!

That’s my 3 roulette tips that have served me very well – both in real life and online. Hopefully you can get as much use of them as I do!

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