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Barbary Coast Slot Review

Barbary Coast Slot
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One of my favorite things to do is try my hand at the new slots that come out. Most developers release one every month or two, and sometimes far more frequently than that even (depending on the size of the company). Wild Slots currently offer 129 slot games, separated into categories, and update with the newest slots on as regular basis. Basically, it’s a good place to go for lots of free games that are all in one place. Usually there’s a specific game I’m looking for, either because I heard about it before its release or because I saw a screen capture of it somewhere, but today I went to the site and saw there’s a 3D slot out that I had not heard of or seen at all. We rate Barbary Coast Slot 8.5 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

It’s called Barbary Coast, and looks very reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean. I couldn’t find out when this game was actually released but it was developed by Betsoft. It has 5 reels and 150 paylines. Let me tell you, within minutes of playing, I had earned the Pick Me bonus 3 times and within ½ an hour I’d played all the bonus games and won the Free Spin feature twice! This thing is loaded with bonuses.

The graphics and 3d animation for this were very rich and entertaining. 3 parrot symbols gets you the Free Spins (no re-triggering of these unfortunately) and appropriately enough a parrot flies out to deliver them to you. The Pick Me challenge comes up whenever you get 3 Ben Sawyer symbols. This one is a bit strange because every time I played, I was allowed to click on all the prizes. Now I’m not complaining! But it’s a kind of funny when it doesn’t really matter what you pick because you’re going to get every prize anyway.

A cannon symbol on the center reel triggers a wild reel feature. The entire center reel goes wild and holds for your next spin. 3 Blackbeard symbols sets off the Fight bonus round. Choose in which order Ben Sawyer will parry, thrust, or slash with his sword against Blackbeard, who has kidnapped a fair maiden. Then watch the fight ensue, save the fair maiden, and collect your winnings. The best bonus game is the Grog challenge. This is a good old fashioned drinking game triggered by 3 ‘worker’ symbols. Pick ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ on a coin toss. Win, and the worker drinks. Lose, and you drink. After too many drinks, the loser passes out and the game is over.

All in all, I can’t believe I didn’t hear more about this game when it came out. That’s the beauty of a site like Wild Slots though. Not only do I get to sample slot games for free and without registering for any casino, I also occasionally stumble upon a game that’s totally unexpected- but well worth playing!

Hence, is Barbary Coast Slot secure to play at?

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