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Betfair Poker Site

Betfair Poker Site

Betfair poker is an independent poker gambling site that has a constant number of new players. They are owned by one of the biggest sports gambling exchanges in the world. Betfair poker has top-notch software which is frequently updated for safety and stability and offers many quality poker games.

The competition at Betfair poker site is relatively loose and soft. If you have a high skill level this is a great site to cash in on. The inexperienced play stems from many sports gambling punters fancying themselves as poker players. Because the Betfair Gambling site is the worlds largest betting exchange there are plenty of fish, and easy pickings for the right players. Especially if the sports gambling punters have had a win or 2 on the exchange. New players should start off playing on the lower tables with some of the other new players, but make no mistake the Betfair poker site can accommodate any skill level.

Betfair Poker Software

The software was developed by a company that was not affiliated with any poker network. The software went through a large update in 2007 & 2010 adding better graphics, a multi table mini view, more search functions, and the ability to play at 15 tables and once. The software will allow players to take notes to track of their statistics and have a much friendlier feel. The game selection at Betfair poker is Omaha Hi Lo, Seven Card Stud Hi lo, Seven Card Stud Hi, and Texas Hold Em.

The majority of the traffic at Betfair poker site is at the Texas Hold'em table taking part in small stakes games. Texas Hold'em is available in pot limit, no limit, and limit. The Omaha varieties have limit and pop limit. The traffic volume at Betfair is about average for most poker gaming sites with around 8000 -15,000 players.

Poker Game Variety

Betfair poker gambling hosts vast arrays of tournaments with $1.00 buy ins all the way up to a couple $100 for the bigger tournaments. The tournament draws many players from around the world and is quickly becoming Europes poker destination of choice. The tournaments also offer the chance to win big cash amounts from very little outlay.

There are over $12 million (yes 12 MILLION) poker prizes up for grabs each and every month. The three big tournaments are the daily tournaments with a guarantee of $15,000 European Daily, the weekly tournament with a guarantee of $100,000, and the monthly tournament guarantee of $200,000.

Betfair Poker Bonus

The signup bonus at Betfair poker is a massive $2500 bonus with a 100% match. Which can be set at the level you want. From $50 - $2500. As this bonus must be completed within 60 days, using on of the Betfair poker bonus code to suit your deposit level: WELCOME50, WELCOME250, WELCOME500, WELCOME1000, WELCOME2500.. See terms and conditions on Betfair poker site for full details.

Betfair poker is easily one of the best run poker gambling sites in the world. This site is unique because they're not a member of any poker network. With the sponsorship of The World Series of Poker & the European Poker Tour. Betfair poker site has attracted many new fans from the UK and accross Europe. With many aggressive poker promotions Betfair poker will continue to be one of the best poker sites on the Internet for the foreseeable future.

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