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Blackjack Guide for beginners

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There are some things you should be aware of before starting to play blackjack. This blackjack guide will help you leave the table with some winnings and teach you some casino tricks. Every beginner should read this because consulting a blackjack guide can prove very useful.

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The main goal is to have a hand of 21, called a Blackjack. If you don’t have this hand, you can win still if you have the highest one closest to 21 but without exceeding. If you go over you lose and this is called a “bust”. A “hit” is you want the dealer to give you another card. If you are against of doing that, you can choose to “stand”. These are the basic rules you can find in this blackjack guide. There are more complex strategies in this game like splitting, surrendering, insurance or doubling down.

If by any chance the result is a tie (called a “push”), in most cases the player gets a back the money placed in that bet. Nobody wins and nobody loses. There are rare cases where casinos call that a loss for the player so this blackjack guide recommends you to check the house rules every time before you start playing. If the house wins on a tie, it would be a good idea not to play at that casino.

The last player to lay down his card is the house. This puts the player in little disadvantage because he can exceed 21 and bust before the dealers turn. Almost any blackjack guide considers this as an advantage the house has is about 8%. If you can manage to learn the game at an advanced level, you can reduce that chance. Based on the cards in your hand, what could be in the deck, what could be in the hand of the dealer you can better understand the probability of a bust.

Another question this blackjack guide can help you with is how much money you need in a night of playing blackjack. First thing you have to take into consideration is your budget and then the minimum bet offered by the house. If you just looking for some fun and more playing time you can choose a table with 1$ minimum bet. With 25 dollars, you can stay at the table for about 15 minutes. Remember that the dealers are fast. If you are playing to win bigger money you can go to a 5$ minimum bet table, but this means that for you want to stay 15 minutes you are going to need about 125$. Of course, this is if you lose every hand; any winning hand increases your chances significantly.

With all the information learned from this blackjack guide, you are now ready to play.

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