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Casino Banking Methods

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First of all there are the methods that everybody knows: wire transfer, checks and bank draft. Lately, new casino banking methods are available but you should be careful to avoid casino cheating. Players can use debit or credit cards, prepaid service or e-wallets. In order to meet the customer’s needs, new casino banking options are being developed as we speak. Existing ones are combined into creating newer and more effective ones, so that every customer finds something convenient for him or her.

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There were few casino banking options back when online casinos first appeared. Credit cards were mainly the only payment method that could have been used. This raised the concerns of some users who feared to have their personal data stored in the servers of the casinos. E-wallets appeared as a huge innovation in the field of casino banking. Some of the most known e-wallets are PayPal and Neteller. The players still needed to use their credit cards in order to transfer money on the e-wallets, but they were more confident because their data was only being stored on one server.

In time, prepaid services have become trustable casino banking methods. The most popular prepaid vouchers are issued by UKash. In order to come up to the expectation of online casinos users, UKash and Neteller developed a new casino banking option. Players can use UKash vouchers for funding their Neteller e-wallet. This casino banking method implies the fact that vouchers need to be used entirely. Many users decide to fund their e-wallet with, let’s say $100, in UKash vouchers. Then, they use half the money on one casino account and the other half on another account.

Casino banking options including UKash vouchers are not only available through Neteller. For instance, a popular casino banking solution includes UKash vouchers and MasterCard and it is called MasterCard re Power. When using this casino banking method, players buy the vouchers for cash and fund their Maestro cards and prepaid cards from physical UKash locations. This method is really appreciated by those who do not want to involve any bank in their online gambling.

One of the most innovative casino banking options has been developed by MasterCard together with Neteller. The result is called Net+Virtual Prepaid MasterCard. The best thing about it is that it does not come by mail, but it can be downloaded from the internet. It is a casino banking method that can be used instantly. It is also secure because when the card is used a 16 digit number is generated and this can’t be used more than once.

Combining various payment methods has resulted in casino banking methods which are advantageous both for service providers and for users. E-wallet providers often go into business with local banks in order to come up with casino banking options that meet the requirements of players. MoneyBookers for instance works with local financial companies in several countries. Players thus have at their disposal a casino banking option that will allow them to fund their account and have fun.

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