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Casino Loyalty Programs On The Internet

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Like all businesses, casinos spend millions of dollars each year trying to reach frequent gamblers and to convince them to gamble within their establishments. Since players can choose from hundreds of different establishments in many regions, some of the more innovative casinos decided to offer special perks for their most frequent customers. Most of these reward programs work on a sliding scale; meaning that the more that a player wagers, the more incentives he could possibly receive.

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
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online casinos have taken the VIP reward program to an entirely different level. Since they can not bribe players with trivial things like free buffet dinners or a complimentary room upgrade, the rewards are often much more substantial at the higher levels. In fact, some virtual casinos even give out large sums of cash money every month just to keep those players happy. Overall, they still save money though because it keeps them from having to chase the high rollers and frequent betters through global advertising.

It really varies between the different virtual casinos, and in many cases the terms and conditions are sometimes misleading. Any legitimate online casino will have a VIP loyalty program that offers multiple bonuses for players depending on how much money they wager at the website every month, and some of them may include-

Again, it varies by casino and the programs that they have implemented. In most cases, however, the VIP programs are completely automatic and tied to each user’s account. Their system then tracks each of your bets to determine a monthly average of your playing activity. Once a certain threshold is reached, the player becomes eligible for additional bonuses and rewards.

Also, most legitimate online casinos track how much money is played through some type of “bonus point” system that counts towards your monthly activity. This type of formula is used to simplify the math, with each VIP level granting better rewards.

In most cases, wins or losses have very little to do with the overall formula. However, casinos grant their bonus points on the lesser of overall amount won or the total amount wagered. For example, if you placed a $100 wager on a race horse that has 2:5 odds of winning, the payout would be $40 (plus your original $100). Most casinos will only grant loyalty points on the $40. This would only apply when the odds were less than 1:1 though; for all other wagers, VIP loyalty points are accumulated on the amount actually wagered.

Some of the better programs also offer “bad beat” kickbacks when their VIP’s hit a series of poor hands. The free money associated with these programs is normally based on the rewards level of the player, with the higher tier users receiving the most protection.

It varies between programs, but in most cases the lower tiers remain in place for life once a certain criteria is met. For example, at BET 365 players must remain at a certain tier for three consecutive months for it to be counted as permanent. Of course, if their total wagers move them to the next highest level for the following month, they are eligible for those additional benefits as well.

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When looking for a trustworthy casino site, we stick to the most legit brands at One of the other signals that we look for in a reputable online destination are ease of credit card deposits, for example, do the target sites accept amex ? Do they accept Paypal ? Some may be looking for specific software, for example the new rtg casinos of 2012. In any case. although there are dozens of factors in such a selection, including loyalty offerings of course, you typically only end up with a brand or two that you want to try out.

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