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My favourite casino games

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Blackjack is also known as bj and is usually the first game a dealer learns in dealing school. There are many variations of bj. The ones offered in AC are single deck, double deck, Spanish21,Double attack, Double exposure and Multi action. There are 8 deck games on the main floor and 6 deck games in the high limit pit. Some games are no mid-shoe entry and some the dealer hits on soft 17. All bj games are basically the same with a few different options for the player. Once you can deal bj you can learn the rest in a few minutes. You will deal bj a lot at first.

Bonus Ikibu Casino
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Craps/dice is a fast paced game with lots of action and many payouts. There are three dealers and a boxman on the game. Good hands and math skills are needed to deal craps. Many dice players have been playing the game for many years. I do not deal the game so I have no personal insight to post here. Many dice dealers prefer to deal craps all the time. If you are walking by a dice game and a die comes off the table by all means pick it up and HAND it to one of the crew do not throw it on the layout like I did .

Roulette offers fast paced action and big payouts. Looking at a layout on a busy game can be scary at first but remember only one number hits per spin so of all the chips on the layout most of them get swept away. Payouts are repeated so often you will recognize them after a while. Good math skills are needed but there are keys to help you remember the combinations.

Baccarat/mini-bac/midi-bac are all the same game. It is a fairly easy game to deal. A lot of game protection is needed as players will try to get over if you let them. Big bac has three dealers but most of the time you will be in mini/midi bac.There is a Dragon bonus bet that can pay up to 30-1. There is a 5% commission charged on all winning BANKER bets.

Pai Gow tiles is the oldest game offered in the casinos. It is a banking game which means the player can bank the action. The game may seem confusing at first but after you learn the game it is not that bad. Like any game you learn you need to practice a lot to be a good dealer in that game. Click here and you can practice the ranks of the tiles and how to compare hands with the players. There is a low house edge so winning hands are charged a 5% commission.

Fortune Pai gow is a banking game that uses a standard deck + 1 joker. The joker can be used as an ace or it is used to complete a straight or flush. The players receive 7 cards and set two hands, a 2 card low hand and a 5 card high hand. The 5 card hand must always rank higher than the 2 card hand or it is a fouled hand and loses. Both hands must beat the dealer to win. Beat only one hand it is a push. Lose both it is a loser. A2345 is the second highest straight with AKQJ10 being the highest. A 5% commission is charged on winning hands. There is an envy bonus with some big payouts.

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