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Problem Gamblers

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Too much of anything is bad for you. People who gamble are likely to experience a gambling problem also known as “Ludo mania” which is an irresistible urge to keep gambling even though it’s obvious that the activity is having a negative effect on you. Many people and professionals prefer to call it compulsive gambling because only a few people ever experience real compulsions in the clinical sense that the word implies. The definition of problem gambling is determined by whether the effects are felt by the person only or by other people. People who suffer from a severe gambling problem are diagnosed as clinical pathological gambling; a pathological gambler is considered to have an impulse control disorder and is considered a gambling addict by the American Psychological Association.

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There has been a lot of debate as to what is the best way to define problem gambling, and the universal definition based on extensive research is that “it is the inability to limit time or money on gambling which has negative effects on not only the gambler but on other members of society”.

Some people suffer from extreme cases of problem gambling which can sometimes even become a mental disorder, pathological gambling is defined as any behavior that fits into any of the following criteria.

  1. The person is constantly thinking about gambling whether its past gambling experience, present or person is fantasizing about the future.

  2. The person is no longer interested in small wagers and prefers more frequent and larger wagers in-order to experience the same gambling rush.

  3. The person gambles to relieve stress and improve mood.

  4. The person tries to regain the money they would have lost by gambling even more.

  5. The person commits crimes such as fraud, stealing, embezzlement, and forgery to obtain money for gambling or to recover gambling loses.

  6. The person borrows deep into dept just to get money for gambling and also turns to relatives, friends and family for financial assistance.

  7. The person could risk an important relationship or thing in their live just for gambling sake for example a job or marriage.

  8. The person frequently lies to cover up their gambling habits.

  9. If anyone tries to stop that person from gambling they become restless irritable and even violent.

  10. The person has tried to stop gambling before to no avail.

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