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Skrill Casino Deposits

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Many poker players who regularly use e-wallets to transfer funds between casino accounts will see a new name appearing more frequently as the year progresses – Skrill. Skrill is the new name for MoneyBookers, who wanted to “verbalise” their brand in much the same way as you would “Google” something when you wanted to look it up on the Internet or “Skype” your friends rather than use the phone or instant message them. Now, rather than make a Skrill casino deposit, the brains behind this change of name will hope that you “Skrill your account”.

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
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Other than the change of name, little will change when it comes to making a Skrill casino deposit. Accounts which were opened in the name of MoneyBookers will still be active and retain their account details and balances. Casino Sites previously accepting MoneyBooker casino deposits will now accept Skrill casino deposits with the same speed and immediate availability of funds that preceded the change of name. Casino players may initially be fishing around the cashier´s page looking for the new Skrill logo, but the white-on-purple corporate identity will soon become as familiar to players wishing to make a Skrill casino deposit as the current ((((O design.

Throughout the year, Skrill casino sites will eventually start making changes to their cashier´s pages as the name “Skrill” is marketed and becomes more identifiable. At present, casino players wishing to make Skrill casino deposits can use the MoneyBookers link on the Skrill casino sites to fund their accounts and withdraw funds from it in total anonymity and with complete security. Skrill/MoneyBookers are FSA regulated and it would tarnish the new image if anything untoward where to occur when using the new Skrill name on casino sites that accepts Skrill as a payment option.

None of the casino sites offering a Skrill casino deposit option will charge for the service and Skrill themselves charge minimal fees for providing the e-wallet service.

You can upload funds into your Skrill account for free from your bank account or by using a Maestro or Solo debit card. Other methods of transferring funds into your Skrill account (Visa, MasterCard, JCB Card, Diners Club) attract a 1.90% charge.

Making a Skrill casino deposit from your Skrill account will cost 1% of the amount transferred up to a maximum of £0.42 (so 42p if you are transferring £42.00/$70.00 or more) and nothing when you withdraw funds from your Skrill casino site back into your Skrill account.

Sending funds back to your bank account from your Skrill account will cost £1.52, or you can have a cheque sent to your home address for £2.50 (worth the extra £1 if you don´t want the taxman/wife/bank manager to find out).

Foreign currency transactions are weighted in Skrill´s favour by 1.99% both in and out of your Skrill casino site, so if you were to pay $100.00 into your Skrill casino site you would only be credited with $98.01, and if you were to withdraw that immediately you would only receive $96.06 back in your Skrill account.

Maybe not so important as a one-off transaction, but over a period of time the amount you lose in foreign currency exchanges will add up, so it is better if you have your bank account (or credit card), Skrill account and Skrill casino site all in the same currency.

MoneyBookers is one of the largest, most secure and cheapest means of maintaining an e-wallet account for online gaming, and the change of name to Skrill will do little to affect this. Whether the company achieve their wish of verbalising the act of making a Skrill casino deposit, only time will tell

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