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The sense of gambling

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Bulletman: We also get a kick about some of the comments you have made in your books that you're happy to leave with a dollar more than when you arrived.

Frank: That's how I feel. A win's a win. I don't really think of myself as a gambler so much as a David going up against a Goliath and, above all, I want to win. The thrill of gambling is secondary to the thrill of winning for me. I don't actually get that much of a thrill from the mere act of gambling.

B-O-B: That's where we are different. Winning is almost irrelevant to us. We do want the action. We're not out of control. We play within our bankroll but we go all out for the big score. That's the difference between you and us.

Frank Big difference

B-O-B: To you gambling is a challenge. To us it's a thrill. Your thrill is the challenge, our thrill is …the thrill.

Frank Makes sense

B-O-B: To us it's a pleasure. We get tremendous pleasure from gambling.

Bulletman: If we go to Atlantic City for two days and she plays for twelve hours a day, and we go home up or down, it doesn't matter.

B-O-B: I've had the best time. It's not whether I win or lose but the fact that I'm playing the game.

Frank: But you wouldn't think of yourself, yourselves as problem gamblers?

B-O-B: No, I'm actually comfortable going without it for lengths of time because I enjoy the anticipation of a trip too. It's almost as if the anticipation is half the fun. In the winter especially. I have that thing where in the winter you need extra light. Before I discovered gambling, I kid you not, winters were very rough on me. But having a trip to Atlantic City ahead of me, having that to look forward to, helps me tremendously.

Frank: Would you want a casino near you?

B-O-B: I don't think I'd like that. I like the anticipation. If the casino were right here, I don't think I'd like that. I wouldn't want to live in Vegas or Atlantic City because I think it would lose its thrill. I know you can go for two months at a time and play every day but I can't do that.

Frank: Well, I'm very controlled. But the challenge keeps me going. I don't lose that thrill of the challenge no matter how many weeks I've been doing it. And I don't have to win big. Of course, I like winning big but I take it as it comes.

B-O-B: The car ride down to Atlantic City is so much fun. It's who can get up earlier. We giggle, we sing. When we get to New Gretna [an exit that is before Atlantic City on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey], we'll shout out" "New Grrrreeeetna!"

Bulletman: And then when we get to the Atlantic City Expressway and you see the skyline, you wish you could just tilt the car back, press a button and zing! zoooom! up goes the car into the air and it heads right to the casino!

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